Goodbye Blue Monday…

…Hello, fellow citizens. Kurt Vonnegut wrote: Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance. Seems as though it’s time for some maintenance around here.

I will be cleaning up owl poop and working at the food bank. What are your plans for the day?


If you’re looking for ideas, go here to the new USA Service website. And speaking of service to our country?  I think this will be a very happy birthday celebration.


12 responses to “Goodbye Blue Monday…

  1. New Mexico trip is planned! One down… one to go. 😀 Today’s agenda… grocery shopping, lunch making for the week, HBB delivery to Chan, laundry and maintenance around here. (Including shoveling… we had more snow overnight and this morning.)

    That little guy is adorable!

  2. Vicki, you are the coolest of the cool. I love you more, every time I visit your blog. Which is daily, by the way.

  3. Gorgeous owl, Vicki. For me, I figure my teaching job is enough service. Call me selfish but there ya go. So, I’ll go in for a few hours on Monday to get ready for the week. That’s my service.

  4. mama and liza: I think teachers serve this country every single day like no other profession- it is, indeed, your service to all of us.

  5. Hopefully get two kiln firings in, go buy youngest son some uniform pants so he can start EMT school this week, pay bills, clean house, bake a cake, all the things on my to do list that I didn’t do this weekend. I didn’t earn the holiday, but will greatly enjoy it! Love that owl!

  6. PS And Sleep Late! Which will throw my To Do list out the window!

  7. Ditto what Mamacita said. Considering that I have stomach flu I may be doing what you’re doing…LOL….but not working at the food bank. They wouldn’t want me now anyway!

  8. I’m a lazy bum, vicki. When I retired and left the university, I hung up my service hat. I’ve been thinking, though, as soon as we settle down, I’d like to volunteer with the local Native Animal Rescue. They do really good works.

  9. Quite slothful today after a weekend of service to my parents.

  10. Service to aged parents still getting over hip replacement and the prostate roto-rooter. At least I was until they decided to make pumpkin pies and the tag-team atmosphere drove me to leave for BSF early…. (I usually try to retire to my room and put in ear plugs when they cook together… )

    Oh yes, waiting for the SNOW… the grad school meteorologist called to inform me that we would be getting 3 – 5 inches and that she was very, very jealous. No snow in MS.

  11. Your little owl is gorgeous!

    I spent the day working on the design of a housing development for chronically homeless mentally ill adults… but that’s what I do for a living. My mental health professional was working today, too, so we spent 50 minutes talking about belief and hope. Then I went to take photos of the Seattle skyline at dusk (it wasn’t raining). All in all, a very good day.

    Tomorrow will be even better.

  12. I feel like a dope. For some reason, the message about using the holiday to do service slipped right by me. I was a lazy bum, but will make it up another day.

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