Its a new dawn, its a new day…

And I’m feelin good…No, wait. I’m feeling not so good. Remember when I was doing the happy dance about my trip to the dermatologist’s that left my nose intact, only 4 burns and a slice on my neck? Well, I was dancing before me chickens  hatched or whatever that metaphor is. After holiday related slowdowns, the doctor’s office called 10 days later to announce that the slice from my neck is more basal cell cancer. Is that fair? Just when I’ve put that worry back on the closet shelf for another 6 months.

Anyway, today I get my neck taken apart and reassembled, Oh, yip. And Rich is away on business.  But you know? It could be worse. I could have a different sort of neck. And yesterday was so grand I’m still cruising on the good feelings of all that. Throw in a tiny bit of xanax and I’m good to go. Up date soon.


(Abby took this picture in Africa last year. I like it. That pink spot is a good karma bubble.)


21 responses to “Its a new dawn, its a new day…

  1. Oh dear. Sorry it’s back. We’ll be sending healing thoughts your way!

  2. Hi Vicki:

    I’ve been reading your blog with interest. I found it while searching the internet for Daniel. I’ve discovered –through facebook, et al —that I can internet-stalk many of the children I took care of in Ann Arbor, and monitor their impressive progress in the world. I doubt Dan would remember me, but I think of him and you, often.

    About me? I got married for the first time in 2007, to Glenn Goldman. He’s a Mohs Surgeon –at UVM, so I know a little about skin cancer. Good luck with that.


  3. Dang it. Stay positive! We’ll be sending all the good vibes in the world your way.

  4. So sorry to hear about the skin cancer. Yes, stay positive. I think looking at stunning sunset giraffe photos is especially good for the neck! Thinking of you.

  5. Good luck with that! Thinking of you … and your neck … is that appropriate? You know what I mean… take care.

  6. I’ll be praying for and thinking about you, Vicki. I hope from now on you will wear that hat and use sunscreen that is so strong nothing penetrates it!

  7. Is this” good karma bubble” of which you speak a Lutheran doctrine? I recently read that President Obama’s favorite philosopher is Reinhold Niebuhr!

    My prayers for your neck and every other lovely part of you!


  8. On the heels of Bonnie (aka Yo Mama)! I too will say a prayer for all of your lovely self but most especially your neck. I’m only a couple of years behind you, and I know my basal cell carcinoma will show up. So, I’m taking notes here. xoxo

  9. Praying all is well.

  10. Oh, I’m so sorry your neck slice had more cancer cells. My younger sister had her first basal cell carcinoma diagnosed a few months ago; I must get myself to the dermatologist soon for a check. Hoping that you, with newly edited neck, are resting comfortably, with a little of yesterday’s glow and good drugs keeping your spirits buoyed.


    I had some of that on my nose (you will recall). Doc gave me some salve. Hooray, I am cleansed!

  12. Any chance they can do a little improvement work while they’re rearranging your neck? Not that you need it, but if they’re going to cut you up, they might as will tighten everything up while they’re in there.

    Hope you have a quick and easy recovery!

  13. Heal Quicky – the owls (and us) need you!

    – for some reason the very inappropriate part of my mind keeps wondering if I should suggest you read that book Nora Ephron wrote about her neck. Sorry – I just can’t shut that part of my brain off in times of crisis or worry.

  14. Sending positive thoughts your way, Miss Vicki. I wish you a speedy recovery and to be done with that nasty stuff. I will clap my hands together and yell “be gone”, for extra measure.

  15. I’m so sorry about your neck–ouch! My dad has had those issues too, and they have been painful and scary. Hope it went well. I love the photo of Africa. Ashley leaves this Tuesday for Senegal and I’m pretty much a wreck.

  16. I’m putting some aluminum foil in the microwave and nuking it on “high” for ten minutes as an offering to the spirits of health and happiness. jk. Please feel better soon.

  17. *takes Michelle’s tinfoil AWAY* She’s going to burn the state down.

    Holding good thoughts for you, dear Vicki.

  18. Look on the bright side… at least it isn’t a melanoma… That is my pathologist half full thought of the day. Actually, it is surprising that there is any thought rattling around.

    Look on this as (perhaps… depending on the size) a way to get a free mini neck lift. When the plastic surgeon took off what he thought was a squamous cell ca from my dad’s neck, he made sure to get a wide margin and this turned into a nice little neck lift for him.

    Anyway…. prayers are ascending for you from all over the country… and here as well!

  19. As a fair-skinned red head, I am well acquainted with basal cells. In fact, I had one on my lower eye lid and had to have it removed TWICE–second time by Mohs procedure.

    But the plus side is, my doctor is really cute and such a sweetie.

    Here’s to healing for you.

  20. oh no! thinking of you!


  21. i burned some garlic cloves by accident. who knew they burned so easily? and the SMELL. I sent up a prayer for you with the smoke. I hope the basal spirits were paying attention.

    i’m going to regret confiding this, i can tell right now…

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