It’s not so much the snow I mind…

It’s the -6 degrees F and winds to 30 mph coming in the wee hours. NOAA computes that windchill around -30 F. If O’Hare closes tomorrow, I may put on my long underwear and start walking south.



16 responses to “It’s not so much the snow I mind…

  1. I think I’d already have my long underwear on!! Plus sweaters and jackets and camisoles and…..

    Stay warm, Vicki!

  2. Oh God. I remember the Chicago airport from when I lived in South Bend. It was ALWAYS shutting down.

    Wish I could take a snowy walk with you.

  3. That sounds sooooo unpleasant. If you can’t fly out today, stay inside and make hot chocolate and put a movie on.

    Hey, did you see FC’s snake video? Too cool.

  4. LOL, Vicki – less than a month in FL and your blood has thinned out already!

    Second the snake video, by the way. And it’s a POISONOUS snake.

  5. Even the best long underwear is no match for a frigid midwest – but I suspect you knew that all too well and that is why the Florida retreat exists.
    Of course I bet you can get everything you need delivered in Chicago.

  6. I hope you can make it out of there, vicki. That’s just too cold for any comfort.

  7. 🙂 And you lived in MI for all those years.

  8. You have been in my thoughts with hearing of the artic blasts and snow in Chicago as you said you had to make a quick trip. Good luck and safe travels.

  9. I saw the Chicago temps on the Weather Channel this a.m. BRRRRR–now THAT’S cold.
    One of my most vivid memories of Chicago is attending a convention there in Jan (yes!) and the local TV stations announcing that you could get frost bite walking out of one building to the next. 70 below wind chill factor then.

  10. We’re having “bitter cold” weather here in Western NC (according to local weather reporters). Highs are in the 30s! My daughter who still lives in WI would LOVE to see 30 again.

    Good luck on getting out of there.

  11. I have been reading of the cold COLD weather in the Midwest/Lake Effect territory, and being so happy that you were in Florida. And now? Golly, you gotta get back South, quick like a bunny.

  12. I can’t even properly complain about our 10 degree weather with all that going on!

  13. Brrr! I hope you made it out.

  14. Oh sure, abandon us northern critters. You know, since we can share body heat, the more of us who stay, the better it is.

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