FELT Gallery

November 2: When I’m making needle felted Christmas tree ornaments, if they turn out nicely like this fellow I want to keep them. But he’s going off to the FCG for the holiday sale. Sigh.felt polar bear

November 1: Finally finished projects for the Florida Craftsman Gallery holiday show and got them turned in. This feels great because now I can turn my attention to some ideas that have been rolling around for a couple months, including some sculptured felt and felt landscapes. I just need to find my exacto knife. It’s around here somewhere…here are two large vessels- “Northern Lights” and “What Lies Beneath” that went to the gallery along with several nuno felted scarves.


September 23: When does it start to feel like Fall in Florida?fall felt

September 3: Me and My Evil Twin

September 2, 2009 Gearing up for Fall classes at the Morean Art Center. Working on teachable projects.

felted objects

August, 2009. I try my hand at stones. I’ve always loved stones. They’re scarcer here in Florida than they were around the Great Lakes. These stones are especially nice because you can even throw them at glass houses.IMG_1640

July 2009. Available. Approximately 10″ w x 7″ h. Acid dyed merino top wool, natural dye mulberry silk. Display beautifully, especially under focused art light.

earthbowl3earthbowl1EARTH pod, blended merino and blue-faced leicester wool, silk, small amount gold glitz. 140.00

redpod2redpod3EARTH’S CORE pod, merino top, silk. 150.00 SOLD

melonbowl1melonbowl2MELON pod, blended merino and coopworth hand dyed wools, using pomegranite juice. Mulberry silk. 140.00

blueonionpod2Large free form hand dyed corriedale vessel, 11×11,  with mohair design. 150.00 SOLD

5 responses to “FELT Gallery

  1. Wow Vicki, I had no idea you made such beautiful pieces of art! Have you always felted? Is that the right word for it? Mom loves to paint and do other arts and crafts, so I’m suprised she never mentioned it. Maybe she hasn’t seen these beauties– I’ll send her here =-) I especially love your stones, and the orange container at top that looks like a pumpkin. Long live fall!!

  2. Beth Ann Choate

    Do you still have “Earth Pod” available? It would look great with some mountain pottery pieces that I have and I love the stones – I can see where this FB, family friendship can cost me more than a few dollars. Everything is beautiful!!

  3. Beth Ann Choate

    Methinks that I would like to incorporate some of this texture into a quilt!!

  4. Stella Vaughan Andersen

    I loved reading through your blog.
    Even though I don’t know your special family – who came to visit – certainly feel saddened that they are faced with this disease. What a rough road they face – but am happy that they have an active support from many people.

    About the baby eagle – the end didn’t come through. It was being fed by parents but were they able to carry it to the next?

    thank you, Stella Vaughan

  5. Where are you located.

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