Here in the Land of Oz, we will be unpacking well into mid-September. But if you lived in say, Seattle or thereabouts, you would probably be thinking about going to the Bumbershoot Festival over the weekend of Sept.2-4. This is Seattle’s Music and Arts Festival at the Seattle Center and if you did happen to go on Saturday, say about 5, you would be entertained by NOMO playing under the Bumbrella. That means you could get an earful and eyeful of you-know-who, wearing one of his mama’s handknit hats…

6 responses to “BTW

  1. I sure wish I could go to Bumbershoot. When the weather’s good, it is absolutely the best place to be.

  2. Will there be pictures of you-know-who in the hand-knit hats?

    I live close enough to Seattle that if we owned a vehicle and more money, I could probably head down there. Sadly, we don’t own a vehicle or more money, and even if we did I’m afraid of crowds and my hugely pregnant state would probably make me a less than wonderful travel companion regardless. *blush*

    SO… will there be pictures? lol

  3. I like that music!

  4. Saturday, September 2, 5-ish under the Bumbershoot Bumbrella? I’m in!

  5. I am on the wrong side of the country. Sniff. Sniff.

  6. He’s playing at Bumbershoot!!? We will be camping, darn it!

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