Let it be garbage day here in the land of Oz. Why do we have so much garbage (aside from the obvious)?
Because our movers were extra,extra careful. But we’re getting there, with one small corner of the place settled for Gene’s visit. And sister Betsy sent beautiful flowers to warm the place up. Tomorrow, a full report on The Love Life of Hoss.Wrap2Wrap1




  1. They wrapped the spag. noodles????? Now I have seen it all. I love the corner fireplace, hope there will be more pictures.

  2. Omigosh, your living room looks amazing! What a beautiful place you’ve got there!

    And I can’t WAIT for the update on Hoss’ love life – I knew we could count on you!

  3. It’s looking good there, Vicki. I just might have to come visit….LOL

  4. Let’s pretend this is Vicki:

    It’s a great place I’ve got here, except, of course, for all the boxes that are yet unpacked. And the dryer we exchanged and have to get fixed. The cats have been fixed, but it isn’t the same.

    Hoss dropped in. He wants to leave immediately and go back to his sweetie in Vancouver. But I am plying him with liquor of his choosing, so this is going to work out all right. Maybe. Probably. Who knows?

    Isn’t this a great b**g?

    My name is Hoss, and I am on the 9th step….

  5. Shake it down, shake it down now…
    The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact,
    ain’t holding nothing back.
    She’s a brick…house!

    Hoss is already guest b**ging?! Watch those last three steps, Gene!

  6. It already looks warm and inviting, just like I would expect from you Vicki. I would say the place is well on its way to becoming that warm, cozy, yummy place called …… HOME!

  7. Yes, yes, Vicki is wonderful and I adore her. But how happy does it make me to see our hopelessly and charmingly old-fashioned Bonnie quoting lyrics from one of the greatest funk songs of all time? Very, very happy.

  8. Did I say “Bonnie”? Of course I meant “Bernadette.” If that is, in fact, her real name.

  9. The love life of Hoss…sounds interesting. Your corner is very cosy!

  10. My fingers are crossed that there isn’t some kind of trash bin limit in Chicago or you are going to be very cranky soon. Wait, wait, are you throwing out that almost perfectly good, epoxy, pineapple water fountain? Audrey needs that for her birds. Hope things are going well.

  11. Wooooooohoooooo!
    It looks great!
    Nice and cozy.
    That is a heap of garbage..I hope they come pick it up soon.

    Have a wonderful day!
    (=’:’=) hugs
    (“)_ (“)Š from da Raggedy one

  12. Oh good gawd. Vicki it is gorgeous. You are getting there. It has come a long way already. Hang in there, dear.

  13. Wow, your living room looks wonderful!

  14. those bricks are going to come down in the next 6.8 earthquake… you need a sturdier coffee table you can take shelter under… something vaguely dogloo-shaped…
    oops, you seem to be choking on something. *pat pat*

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