The Love Life of Hoss

"I am too far away from what I love and my distance is without remedy." Camus wrote that before Frontier Airlines was on the scene. Here are all the graphic details, abridged addition:

Gene is madly, truly, deeply in love.
He spends his days at home in the Pacific Northwest kissing and hugging and blogging.
Not so bad for an escapee from the Home for the Cranky and Forgetful (of which he is neither).
He came yesterday, we laughed, we ate spare ribs, pet the cats, enjoyed our friendship.
Gene went to bed and got very lonely.
I understand so completely, he’ll never know. Or maybe he does.
We leave for Midway in an hour to return him to his sweet Jonquil, his Scamp in the Northwest.
Bud and Lois Lane miss out. They both understand. The heart needs what the heart needs.
Life is short.
Boats are cool. (I’ll come see you next week, Bud)

19 responses to “The Love Life of Hoss

  1. It sounds wonderful!
    Isn’t Love Grand!
    Huge Hugs all around!

  2. I wondered why he didn’t bring her along? Maybe this trip was planned before Scamp came into the picture, but I can’t believe he flew back so soon. Is your head swimming, Vicki?

  3. Hurrah! Thanks for the Hoss report.

  4. The love bug has bit him hard, and he is so happy.

  5. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” is one of my favorite movies, not completely due to the fact that it concerns a lover longing for her cello-playing boyfriend, who comes back as a ghost.

    Hoss – you old snake!

  6. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” is the name of some pop-song from the late 90’s, isn’t it?

  7. Wow! That was a whirlwind of a trip!

  8. Thank you for keeping me updated on the goings on. I’m sure Hoss was thrilled to get back in the arms of his Spunky monkey. I guess next time he makes it to the midwest, he is just going to have to bring her along, huh? 🙂

  9. Wow. I wonder if I’ve ever been missed like that.

    It looks like you’ve made great progress on the house!

  10. Beautiful digs Vicki! I bet Hoss was missing Scamp before he ever left Oregon.

  11. Poopsie: You got that right…

  12. When the mighty fall, they fall mighty hard!! Sounds ole Hoss has really fallen head over heels for his lady.

  13. Good heavens! Have I been out of the loop or what? I am just speechless!

  14. Are you telling me you have left Ann Arbor, and I never knew? I’m so sad. Where are you now???

  15. U of M beats Vanderbilt 27-7. Isn’t there a single Wolverine fan left over here?

  16. Hello! Bonnie is back! Where are you?????? (Panic attack in progress!!!!)

  17. Oh Vicki? Are you there? We miss you.

  18. Love the new colors, especially the GREEN! Wonderful new quotation, too! An auspicious new beginning, methinks. xoxo

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