That reminds me…

SRP  posted a photo that made me think of this little tune that I had as part of my summertime mix mania CD. It also reminds me of the book that Hoss is writing over at his place. Run, quick.

3 responses to “That reminds me…

  1. What a great chune. Hector McBuck Buck Naked thanks you. So do Frank Buck Naked and Two Dolla Buck Naked.

  2. You and Hoss have put me in mind of streakers, bucks, and yogis.

    Yogi Berra said “I couldn’t tell if the streaker was a man or a woman because it had a bag on it’s head.” And–“How long have you known me, Jack? And you still don’t know how to spell my name.”–upon receiving a check from the late, great Jack Buck, made out to “Pay to bearer”.

    Stay cool and keep your clothes on!

  3. Love the song. Very appropriate. I don’t know how those guys on the beach would look in those elephant apparatus on Hoss’s site. Now that I think about it…I don’t want to know. If I ever see people running, screaming from the beach I’ll know they must have gotten some from the Bucks.

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