For Mamacita

(This little post is for Mamacita. I read her posts every day and admire her gifts as a writer as they intertwine with her love of life. Her observations of the day-to-day are simple and humorous and they almost always leave room to read between the lines. When she gets on a rant and expresses her opinions they are well thought out and articulated and grounded in both intelligence and common sense. And when she leaves comments for others they are kind and loving and gentle. She has been doing battle with her lawn and computer for some weeks now and yesterday’s post included an encounter with the wasps nesting under the hood of their car. I have a healthy respect for wasps. Left alone they go about their business, highly industrious and wonderfully artistic but they don’t socialize well with others. Maybe they’re Shakers reincarnated. In any case, I collect their abandoned homes come winter and I’m posting these pictures and quote for her. Thanks for all you bring to the neighborhood, Mamacita.)                click photos to enlarge

Lord, clear my misted sight that I                Waspnest2_1
May hence view Thy divinity,
Some sparks whereof thou up dost hasp
Within this little downy wasp
In whose small corporation we
A school and a schoolmaster see,
Where we may learn, and easily find
A nimble spirit bravely mind
Her work in every limb: and lace
It up neat with a vital grace,
Acting each part though ne’er so small
Here of this fustian animal.
                                Edward TaylorWasp_nest

8 responses to “For Mamacita

  1. You ever try dribbling a wasp’s nest, like a basketball? I wonder how that would work. It’s worth a try, as long as you’re the one doing the trying.

    (Lemme echo your comments about Mamacita. She is truly a fine and gifted person. Sorta reminds me of you.)

  2. We;ve found some wasps nests in odd places, but none so large.

    We’ve been mooned by Muzikdude.

  3. I read Mamacita everyday too and I am often amazed at the way she makes everyday occurrences sound like monumental moments. Sort of the way you do too, Vicki!

  4. I do love me some Mamacita. : )

    Now about those wasp nests…ewwww! I would so not bring those into my house.

    But then, you are same chickadee who proudly displays stiff, stuffed animals throughout your home.

    Which, btw, AHEM, *where* are those photos that promise you a place on the PETA poopoo list?

  5. You are wonderfully equinanimous as you find beauty in wasps and their nests!

    Mamacita is indeed a rare and lovely gem. And, her common sense–it ain’t so common!

  6. Vicki, ‘thank you’ is such an inadequate thing to say to you, but since my eyes are full of joyful tears at reading your words, and the words of all these other lovely people I read and admire daily, it’s all I can think of. Thank you. And, thank you again.

    (Your wasp nest is much bigger than ours!)

    You have such a wonderful knack of finding beauty and making the rest of us see it too. I thank you for sharing that, too.

  7. I read Mamacita’s posts whenever I can, and I love her snake stories the best.

  8. That was a lovely post, Vick, and great picures!

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