Zip! Boink! (twitch)

Another random thought: The woman who tried to teach me Donkey Serenade was named Mrs. Nagley and she was about 103 years old. She would come to our house and we would go down into the basement and share the same bench of the grossly out of tune piano. She would opening this satchel and take out a weekly lesson book where she kept track of my lack of progress and a bottle of Pepto Bismol that she placed at her end of the keyboard. Pepto_bismal
She drank out of the bottle several times during each lesson and she always had a pink ring of paste-y gak around her lips. Was this fun for a seven year old?

7 responses to “Zip! Boink! (twitch)

  1. I used to HATE Pepto. Used to make me barf. Now I love it. What happens to us when we get older? All I know is that I love that minty pink stuff. I’ll have to watch for that pink ring of paste-y gak. Wasn’t aware that could happen – oh, I guess that’s because I use a SPOON.

  2. I still hate pepto.

    It may have been rotten for a seven year old, but it makes for great blogging now!

  3. Well, it’s not quite a Pepto story …

    When I was half-way through the 3rd grade (apparently a VERY impressionable age), my lovely young teacher started carrying around a blue bottle of Mylanta (?) that she would set on the corner of her desk and religiously savor throughout the course of the day. As time passed, I quickly realized that she was pregnant. Of course, being the quiet, scientific type, I quickly deduced that preganacy was a direct result of drinking the stuff in that blue bottle. The evidence was clearly present! For quite some time (well, actually until that awful afternoon in the 5th grade when the nurse came to talk to the girls in class …), I kept that blue bottle secret to myself, constantly nosing through the groceries my mom brought home to confirm that there was no little bundle of joy on the way!

  4. I have to think you’re the only person on the planet who thought you could get pregnant drinking maalox. Jeez, Audrey! We should probably read a book in BCMA- you know, like, “Where Did I Come From” or something.

  5. Blame in on my sheltered UPbringing!

  6. I have to say it is a bit naive of you to think that there was actually Pepto-bismal in that bottle

  7. So, am I naive because I believed my mother when she explained that our dear neighbor had tripped in the front yard, and that’s why there were all those crocus flowers coming up????? *** I later realized they came from bulbs, not seeds!

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