Remember the episode…

of Seinfeld where Kramer had "jiggy legs"? I get that sometimes, mostly in the knee caps, late at night as a precursor to a curse but today I have JIGGY BRAIN (I numbered all the jiggy parts).  Brain2Seriously, my gray matter is twitching. I can feel it boinking off various parts of my skull inside. Like a brain tic or something. So my thoughts have been jiggy all day. It’s very disconcerting. I keep having the faint edge of thoughts about what I want to eat, who I need to call, which one of two books I’ll read. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything but I just had this jiggy memory: When I was a child taking piano lessons and still stumbling over "Donkey Serenade" (ya- it’s great. Sort of like Adventure Dog) I would sometimes dream at night that I was looking at some Mozart sonata or Beethoven bouree sheet music and I knew precisely how to play it- perfectly. And when I was stuttering through second year French I would dream that I was looking at a book by Valliere and reading it with every inflection just so.

Also today I have a vague and jiggy urge to smack someone. It’s so random the UPS guy better not come bearing gifts right now. So given all that it’s probably not the best time to write a post.

I could ask a therapist if I knew one but I think this probably has something to do with flying up to see my folks this Friday. Yup, it’s the Bud and Jan show coming up. Do ya think he likes her? Click to see how much.Momandbud

3 responses to “Remember the episode…

  1. Well, that’s about the cutest damn picture I’ve ever seen!! Lovely!

  2. Oh yeah. That’s love alright. You can see it in his eyes. He’s got something jiggy on his mind.

    Oh, and I am jiggy in the brain EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE. I cant start and finish anything because I only seem to get those faint edges of things, like you said, and nothing is complete. Maybe we should drink some Pepto.

  3. I have a feeling somebody is going to be smacked tonight for snoring!

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