Busy Day

Jen wants to know how I’m spending this fine Thursday afternoon. I’m very busy today because I’m getting ready to go visit my parents in the absolute fall-in-Lake Superior-tip-of-the Upper Peninsula tomorrow. 48 hours that will cost me a LOT of money because it’s way more expensive to fly on a 22 seat Mesaba prop plane to the ends of the earth than it is to fly to Tokyo business class on a 747. This trip- guaranteed- will provide grist for the blogmill. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll yell, "WHAT!?!??? WHADDYA SAY?", we’ll all forget what we said 30 seconds ago. Bud is a regular Mr. Malaprop in addition to being selectively deaf so that’s always entertaining. And these visits also pull at my head/heart strings around deeper matters so I may get out a serious piece on caring for parents.

So today I’m hard at work since it’s a four day week and I’m also doing a lot of food shopping. For some reason when I fly up to see them I feel a powerful need to pack my suitcase, not with clothing, but with FOOD. Whole Paycheck bakery dark chocolate s’mores. Fresh pasta, cheeses, cold cuts. This time I’m even taking a pork tenderloin and spinach pies. It’s not that Schwann’s doesn’t have fabulous food (although the age of stuff in their freezer is always cause for speculation)- it’s just that somehow taking them little gourmet treats and at the same time insulating myself with good food for the weekend is a comfort. And, you never know when they’ll have a late season lake effect snowfall of 4 feet; I could get stranded.

In the few moments when I’m not working and shopping and figuring out the best packing configuration for refrigerated items I’m contemplating the forces of good versus evil. In this (blurry, sorry) photo Viewthe Snowy Egret represents the Pope and the snapping turtle represents Barney the Dinosaur. We don’t know yet how it will all turn out. And you can blame Buzz for that. I got a little foul-fingered over there in the comment department and I apologize.

2 responses to “Busy Day

  1. OOOOooo DAMN! You have the greatest wildlife around you. That’s it. Clear out the corner of the family room. I’m a-coming for a visit.

  2. C’mon over. You can watch McCloud, Sophie, the birds, Millie the guinea pig while I’m up at my parents. With my camera. Where there is a Bald Eagle nest in the tree. In front of their house. And Loons. Or wait and come when I get back and we can meet live and in person. Or go to the Florida house for the weekend and watch the hawks eat- you can take Earl.

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