From me and the manatee


(this beautiful valentine pink tree is in full bloom right at the edge of Coffee Pot Bayou)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m finally on the mend but this cold feels as though it’s hung on forever. My grandmother always said, “Two days coming, two days here and two days going.” That describes the pace of my current malaise and tomorrow, thankfully, is day seven. Good, too, because I just, this minute, drank the last of the Robitussin.


For Christmas, Abby and I each got sewing machines from Rich. Well, I got us sewing machines from Rich. When the children were young I had the most basic of machines and used it for simple clothing and mending- just your straight stitch sort of stuff. When Abby was about eight the basement filled with water one Spring (Michigan basements do that) and the machine was sitting on the floor in the laundry room. It was old enough that it didn’t have much insurance value and I never replaced it so with this new one I’m starting back at square one.

I spent the last couple days taking it easy and getting acquainted with the machine and doing a little needle felting too. These were fun- not very fussy or refined but they’ll do.


The manatee must have known I was sticking close to home; they left the power plant to come back to me at the bayou wall. There’s been a buffett of seven all tucked up by the dock wall, lolling about (if a sea cow can “tuck up”). There were a couple of calves and some veterans who have had close encounters with boat props. Today, there was a red eared slider taking advantage of one of them for sun bathing purposes. It made for an absolutely delightful photo but by the time I got my lens cap off the turtle surfed down the manatee’s back and zipped under the dock.


Here’s wishing you a lovely loverly day.


17 responses to “From me and the manatee

  1. Love, love, love your heart creations — wow. Totally fun! When I got my sewing machine a number of years ago, I debated long and hard the basic machine I ended up with against a more complicated one with embroidery stitches. I got the basic one but wish I’d gotten a fancier one. Someday. 🙂

    Kiss the manatee for me. They are so beautiful! Bless their soft, whiskered muzzlepouches.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. What a beautiful tree–I am craving color here in Maine! Your sewing creations were beautiful, you will enjoy that machine.

  3. I can see why people move to Florida.

    You are awfully damn crafty, I must say. Wait till Wende sees those sweet creations.

  4. I insisted Denny drive me the 80 mile round trip to see the manatees at the Homosassa Wildlife Park in January. This time we discovered the walkway to the area outside the perimeter of the park and got to see the “wild” manatees feeding and lounging in the river. I was a happy camper.

  5. Wow you are artistic!
    Nice manatee.
    I feel your pain for the turtle shot that got away, but it’s probably a regular thing so hope springs eternal.


  6. Wow, look at what at that fancy stitching. That is so cool. I would want to fancy stitch everything.

    Nice to see a manatee on Valentine’s Day. They look like such big sweethearts.

    Glad you are on the mend, vicki.

  7. Is there nothing that you can’t do?

    I’m so glad the manatees came back to see you. You probably got a closer look there than at the power plant.

  8. You have a loverly place, and Florida is still sounding so good. So, you are very crafty too; I am impressed!

  9. Your felted heart creations are just priceless, Vicki. Hope some lucky person got them for Valentine’s Day.
    The manatees put on a show for you, don’t they? I think they know how special you are.

  10. Wow. What a charmed life you lead…

  11. My local newspaper had a story about felting today. Says it’s all the rage hereabouts. Also says it’s easy. What you know about that?

  12. That manatee photos is amazing.

    Is the tree a Jacaranda? I love those trees… makes me miss Santa Barbara. That town is littered with them. Pale pink litter. Lovely. 😀

    The hearts are great and BW response was what I expected.

  13. I love the manatee. Gentle giants.

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you. I noticed a swollen gland area on the right side of my neck Valentine’s night and went to the Dr the next day. Swollen salivary gland. Lovely. Strong antibotics, three times a day. Blech.

    I wish I had your creative talents.

  14. Ahhh manatees off the coast 🙂 Happy V Day to you. Saw your man child the other day 🙂 I love it that this place keeps getting smaller and smaller.

  15. Where you been? Did you go back to Chicago? I am headed to Folk School ( on March 1 and will be back March 11. Can we get together after that? Hope so. Will look forward to it.

  16. This is too long between posts! Speak up?

  17. Hey, stranger – to get you posting again, I’ve tagged you the six-word memoir meme. Here are the details.

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