You say Spider, I say what? er…

I’ve been down and out with bronchitis- darn those homeless mugwumps, anyway. Today was a Valentine’s Day tea party for them, but I missed it. I’ll return soon with another animal themed lesson. I’m going to teach them how animals can provide for us without going to the butcher shop (no, no, I’m not pointing a finger at you) by taking in alpaca and llama fleece and we will make felt. For that lesson we’ll make colorful felt beads, using fleece, hot sudsy water, unsweetened koolaid powder and old nylon stockings (such a better use for them- wrapping up colorful wool beads between knots while they dry in the sun!) and then turn them into necklaces and pendants.

But for now, I’m pretty lackluster in the energy department so I’ve been staying house-bound and finishing up the taxes. Abby came by and did her FAFSA and then zoomed off again to one of her 4 jobs. She works too hard but I’m not going to be the one to tell her that as long as she continues to do so well academically. Mostly, it’s on my mind to get healthier prior to the onslaught of company this weekend. I’m very excited- we’re having Bud for his 80th birthday, my brother, Bruce (aka Uncle Buck) will come down, Rich’s Melissa will join us and Daniel will come to Florida for the first time. He’s coming off tour in the Northeast and he’s anxious to be out of the cold and snow. I think NOMO will be putting out their fourth album on vinyl; they’ve just finished some long sessions in the recording studio.


Rich and I, and our friend Susan, who was also a bit under the weather, agreed to sit quietly at the movies Sunday afternoon. We went to see There Will Be Blood. Oh, my, oh my, oh my. Very harsh, very stark, and Daniel Day Lewis definitely deserves that best actor award. I thought the film was a powerful and fascinating portrait of good and evil. It’s based on an Upton Sinclair novel about the hard scrabble times of oil drilling out west in the early part of the last century. Juno was still my favorite film of the year but I have to say that the acting in this film is unsurpassed.


Anyway, we were just picking up Susan when I noticed this on the the windshield of the car. I know now that she won’t be a stranger to my Florida friends but we were sort of freaked out. What is that??? We actually turned around and drove slowly the couple blocks back to the house so I could photograph her and set her loose. I think she was pretty well hunkered down on the windshield but I feared the force of wind from driving would knock her awry. So? What is this? I researched it and found the answer but I’ll be interested to know what words you choose for that web search. Let me know. I’ll post the answer shortly.



24 responses to “You say Spider, I say what? er…

  1. Hey, I did not know what it was but typed in red spiked spider Florida and finally found it. It is a very unusual looking thing. Just for future commenters, it’s name is totally different than what I typed in.
    Sure hope you feel better. We have all sorts of illnesses here in southern PA. Seems like everyone has been sick since Christmas, me included. I am much better now but lots of folks still sick with various throat and lung conditions.
    Great photos by the way…

  2. I have no idea but I love the pictures.

    I am also down with something courtesy of my own mugwumps. It never fails–as soon as I boast about my immune system I come down with something hideous.

    Feel better, Vicki! Your weekend sounds like it will be fun.

    Have I ever mentioned that Rich is a handsome fella?

  3. I’m not boasting about my immune system but I am thankfully free of Mugwump Fever currently. I’m sure that will change soon and I’ll have cold #4538 this year.

    That spider thing is wild and creepy. I’m not gonna look it up because I always get super creeped out when I do that.

    I love your felt activity. I should steel that for my students. Great idea!

  4. It’s the pollen. Look at the oaks. They are turning yellow and filling up my lungs. I have my spring box of meds out and am taking them faithfully along with airbourne. I can’t get sick, too busy to be sick, no, I’m not getting sick…..

  5. Bronchitis is nasty stuff–cough, cough, cough. I haven’t seen Juno, but would like to sometime. As for the critter–ewwww. There are bugs in Paradise, and I don’t like that. Do tell what it is so I can hope that we don’t have any in WA.

  6. I heard that movie was violent and there is blood in it, so I probably will not be seeing it. That is the ickiest spider I’ve ever seen, Vicki, but I like that you are so interested in it.

  7. You can find those creatures hanging around my pool.

    I’m leaving on Sunday to be with Ella for a month…

  8. I have no idea what it is… and I’m ok with my ignorance… which does not deplete its beauty. Amazing.

    Feel better.

  9. Oh dear. Hearing of your bronchitis is totally terrifying me because I’m heading to NM at the end of the month and that will put it at oh – almost a year to the day of our last trip down there when my allergies kicked up harder than a mule kick to the face and that was not fun. But it “ain’t gonna happen… no it ain’t gonna happen.”

    I loved the photo of you taking the photo. Thank you for posting that one. I think it was my favorite ever. Beautiful.

    You and Rich are fabulous together. But you don’t need me to tell you that.

  10. Ooh! I found it! Not sure if I should name it here, in case others want to guess…

  11. Ok, I lied. My “intellectual curiosity” got the better of me. I won’t say what it is… but I found this link:

    which is fabu. Uh, Liza… don’t click. M’kay? ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I’ve seen Juno and No Country for Old Men. No Country was fantastic. I haven’t seen There Will be Blood yet, but I love anything with Daniel Day Lewis.

    I found your spider, but by Latin name only. Not sure what it’s common name is. But that is definitely unique. I would not have stopped to touch it, take pictures of it, get anywhere near it. You are a brave lady!

  13. I am still laughing at your post for Miz S. You are way funny . I love your blog also. I am trying to become a nature lover. Problem is , if nature abhors a vacuum it is also not so fond of me.
    Nature stings and bites me a lot .
    I am working on it .

  14. Spider? I thought it was bird poop when you said you found it on your windshield.

    So drink your chicken soup already and get well soon,

  15. Feel better soon, Vicki!

    The husband and son saw “There Will Be Blood”. The husband really liked it, it is about his industry, you know. He wasn’t so much for the last of the movie, though. He said it didn’t make a lot of sense to him. He agrees with your kudos for Daniel Day Lewis.

  16. Don’t want to find your spider. Don’t want to ever see your spider. Will have nightmares of your spider…

    Hope you feel better soon, though. I do want that.
    xo (from afar cuz I don’t want your germs)

  17. Looks like a brooch or pin of some kind. Bugs are more colorful as you get into warmer weather though. Black and brown are about as colorful as they get around my block.

    Hea, speaking of movies, I’m asking you to boycott Will Ferrell pictures. He’s been bashing the U of Mich. a LOT lately. Check out my blog some time for details.

  18. You don’t HAVE these up north??

    They are omnipresent in my woods.
    Love your discoveries tho.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  19. I’m the one who took the picture of the picture-takers. With my new iPhone that I am loving! Sunday afternoon was quite an adventure, all the way around. But I can’t believe that Vicki didn’t explain the snow on the parkway in the background of that picture..!

  20. Ok so my intellectual curiosity got the best of me and I went looking for what that was…and then started getting heebie jeebies from looking at ’em. And now I have to take a shower, but images from arachnaphobia (sp?) are dancing in my head.

    I hope you feel better ๐Ÿ™‚ When I was sick last week, I just kept using Vicks vaporub ๐Ÿ™‚ It helped.

  21. Very cool looking spider. I’ll have to click on some of those links that your other commenters provided. I love that shot of you and Rich and the spider.

    I never go to see violent movies.

    Hope you are feeling better, vicki.

  22. I guess it’s not a dung beetle. Scientists say that’s too bad.

    Getting weller? I trust so.

  23. I agree with wren… I thought it was bird poop when you said you saw it on your windshield! Weird!

  24. Um, “weird pointy bug-thing?” Sorry, my google-fu is not strong, my bug-fu even less so. I’m with Kimberly: ooo, nightmares. Also with Kimberly on the get-well-soon.

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