Yikes. I thought yesterday was Saturday.

Actually I knew full well it was Sunday because we did the Sunday stuff and then added on a walk to the zoo (do I ever get tired of the place? Not yet.) and we also went to the movies. That’s a lot of hand holding time. The weather here has been inexplicably beautiful unless you consider climate change and I am thinking about that in Part Two of the Hyberbolic Reef post. I have that almost written, need to do some linkage and some photo uploads but right now I’m hustling. I have a full day of work at the zoo: an educational tour for 40 school children and their respective teachers and chaperones and then the Lowland Gorilla talk in the afternoon. The tour is one we call “Predator and Prey” and we spend our time in the big cat house and then the hoofstock area with the takins, gazelles, reindeer and zebras. No matter how clean the place is, hoofstock smell like- well, you know, a bunch of cows. Also, one of the zebras walks in a small circle because she has a persistent inner ear issue. She gets excellent care and seems otherwise content and happy; she just walks in small circles. A PETA person was there last week and said something insightful like, “She wouldn’t be doing that if she weren’t in captivity” and I said (to myself, drippy sarcastic tone) no, we should probably put her in with the lions and be done with it. I don’t know all the answers. I think boxing is an inane sport that addles people’s brains but I don’t spend much time at the boxing ring trying to convince the other spectators.

Speaking of boxing, World Championship Boxing is in town this week and next. This is a small taste of Olympic type activity and the city is rolling out the red carpet. Rich will be very busy with that so I’m heading to Florida where I have my own project going. The internet in the house should be working when I get there (ha!) so I’ll post from there. I’ll be needing me some serious good fung kenju mojo for this one. I may return in time for the finals in the Championship if Rich gets good seats, because even if I don’t understand why a bunch of men want to punch each other senseless, I admit I wouldn’t mind watching the final exciting go around.

So, I’m off. Reef should be here first thing tomorrow and then, ta-da, Martha Stewart Run Amok takes over. Plus some Snarl updates which are always fun for me.

Remember this little Francois Langur, a few days old, from a post last month? Yesterday, repaired camera in tow, I noticed that for the very first time he has escaped mama’s grasp, by an inch or two. I still say they should name him Opie.

Have a great start to your week.



17 responses to “Yikes. I thought yesterday was Saturday.

  1. Very cute pictures. Opie would make a cute name for him, with his little red hair and all.

  2. I have mojo? Who knew!!!???
    (Thanks for the link).

    The whole paragraph that starts with “A Peta person….” is wonderful!! What the heck was she doing there anyway? Checking to see if you were good to them? I love your answer to her!! (and I never would have thought of it).

    Be safe on your way to FL and have fun!

  3. Cute pictures. Love the response to the peta person.

  4. I am imagining Ms. Peta’s after zoo activity: Dear Lincoln Park Zoo…..

  5. I LOVE your Peta person answer! Those big baby eyes are so cute.

    I don’t get boxing. Never have. What’s the ‘sport’ of beating someone senseless? But, I don’t get hunting either. My dad always said when the animals were armed it would be a fair venture. Then I married a guy who grew up in the Great White Hunter’s home. He doesn’t hunt, though!

  6. I’m sure there are zebras with inner ear issues in the wild, except that, as you imply, they are eaten by the lions very early in life.

    You would think that PETA folk would appreciate a place where humans are being taught to revere and admire animals. No? Do they object to pets, too?

    I have a serious hangover this morning from chocolate cake. Not kidding.

  7. Boxing seems kinda genteel now that Ultimate Fighting is here.

    Love the punk hair on that baby.

  8. Oh yes, Opie. A perfect name for that little langur. I never thought about a zebra with an inner ear issue, but of course it must happen in the wild. There is no place where animals experience perfect health. Sometimes people have no sense of the world.

  9. I think this is as cute as Opie is ever going to be, judging by the Mom.

  10. OMG, Vicki. So happy for you that your camera is repaired. Those photos are incredible. INCREDIBLE. I get it now.

    Holy shite. email me about that camera. I want details. I want to know everything.

  11. That baby monk is the cutest!

    Go Rockies!

  12. Opie is a perfect name for the little one, and right now I am tired of people who have all the answers. I respect you more because you don’t.

  13. I love the little monkey. Opie would be perfect.

    I used to box, but it was more for working out than it was for the sport.

  14. My university had a lot of horses with neurological problems– the owners had the choice between sending them to the slaughterhouse or donating them to a university for the tax credit. Horses that go in circles, startle at nothing, or fall over unexpectedly are pretty common; zebras – less so.

    My boyfriend was a boxer once. When I accidently split my upper lip moving a chair through a narrow doorway I exclaimed, “I can’t feel anything at all! It’s completely numb!” He said yeah, that’s what boxing is like, for the first five minutes.

    John has renamed the new cat “Skinny Cat” and seems charmed by her need to snuggle close. He’s amused by her acting like someone from “The Sopranos”. She has kind of a New Jersey accent when he speaks for her. Pearl/Skinny Cat has decided that she owns all the food in the apartment, everywhere, and that Mickey doesn’t get any of it, no way no how.

  15. Our friends at PETA are very earnest and angry, poor things. I feel their pain. It’s always hard to have a mission.

    Okay, it’s Wednesday. Isn’t today your BIRTHDAY? I assume you haven’t posted yet because you are too busy positioning the camera and the mirrors and the props for the birthday photo shoot. I’ll post it at my place if you are feeling modest. Happy birthday!!

  16. I say the nudie photo should be live action via YouTube this year.

    Happy Birthday.

    (things I’m NOT saying in this comment include references about the propensity to lose your mind when you age, thus the confusion about what day it is, references to lyrics from Annie… “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I promise, I’ll post tomorrow. . .”, and guilt. I am absolutely NOT saying anything about guilt.)

    And I find all those references to the Reformation on my blog offensive. SOME of us, did not HAVE a reformation. SOME of us are not protestant… damn Lutherans. (*snort*)

    Happy Birthday. šŸ˜€

  17. DETINELY an Opie šŸ˜‰

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