Happy United Nations Day

“We will be judged in the future on the actions we take today, on results. On this United Nations Day, let us rededicate ourselves to achieving them.” (Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General)


In honor of the day, I’m not celebrating. Last Sunday, when I was in the mood to celebrate, the weather was glorious and I decided to do something I have never ever done before. I decided to take a ride on the Lincoln Park Zoo Carousel in my birthday suit. Point in fact is that, after working at the zoo for a full year, I had never been on the carousel in any way, shape or form. It’s a real beauty. This is not your run of the mill carousel. All of the animals are rare, endangered and threatened by extinction. I can relate to that, so I figured what the hey? The perfect spot for my annual photo self-portrait.

This birthday suit self-portrait business got started the year I turned fifty. I have no idea what I was thinking when I took that photo and whatever it was, I compounded the insanity by sending it to the email list of BCMA (Book Club My Ass). What can I say? I guess it’s a lame defense to note that I was wearing a crown of autumn leaves that my friend Marci made-not with that purpose in mind, I’m certain.

Since then, I get a fair amount of ribbing this time of year about the next installment. Annie Leibovitz I’m not (that woman can make any middle aged woman, in any condition, a thing of beauty). Nevertheless, here it is so now you can stop sending e-mails on this subject for another year. Oh. Did I mention that Rich is a whiz with photoshop?

(Abby just called and announced that she was coming by this evening with a cake. Yes, the good news is that I am in Florida working on my Big Project. Rich is back in Chicago but he sent flowers. Happy United Nations Day!)


19 responses to “Happy United Nations Day

  1. Happy birthday, darling Vicki! I love you!

  2. You are so gorgeous! And you are in Florida, and I’m not. Oh well…I’m sure you’ll be back.

    I love your hair! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Vicki! Have fun in Florida.

  4. Fabulous carousel and birthday girl. You are indeed a beautiful woman, inside and out. (HA HA–get it, punning around with your old blog name)

  5. You are beautiful! Happy birthday. And if that’s your birthday suit, you are spending too much time talking to the zebras. They’re rubbing off on you.

  6. Happy Birthday, Vicki! Your hair is gorgeous – it looks just like mine! (teehee)
    I love what Raehan said about zebras…LOL. I have that same shirt, but in the negative…get it?

  7. Happy Birthday, oh former nudist one. You look radiant in stripes.

  8. Happy Birthday, Vicki!

    One summer Denny and I worked as rides operators at an amusement park in Iowa. The day I got to operate the carousel was my happiest because watching the kids race around trying to find the “perfect” horse brought back so many memories.

  9. Happy day after your birthday, dear one! I WANNA BE IN FL! It’s effing cold up here this morning! But at least the sun is shining brightly… VERY brightly.

    I hope you are enjoying the Florida sunshine and that you walk the beach once or twice for me. Maybe Fort DeSoto. Say Hello to the spirit of my Uncle. I’m certain he is still there.

    (sorry if that link made a mess) Another try…

    And again, apologies.

  10. A most happy birthday wish to you!
    What better present than to be in Florida.

  11. As the weather in Indiana is cold, wet, rainy, and grey, I can only envy you in Florida!

    You, and your Scrabble words that are worth a thousand points apiece, and me with my three-letter attempts. . . .

    I haven’t ridden a carousel in years, and now I want to!

    AND, my microwave still stinks.

    I hope your birthday was fantabulous!

  12. Happy, happy, happy day! You look lovely on the horsie 🙂

  13. Happy birthday vicki!!! When I come to chicago again, I will have to ride the carousel. 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  14. Happy boitday, Princess. Nice arm skin you are showing there (what I can see of it, that is). BTW, don’t you know carousels are for kids? At least that’s what I was told when I was a kid.

  15. Happy Birthday, kid!!!

  16. I have lost your phone number and we are to get together this weekend while you are in Florida. Call me when you get a chance, thanks, Cathy


  17. Happy Belated Birthday! Please….um…..be safe and….just say no to….knitting shops?

  18. A little belated, but happy birthday anyway. I’d need more than photoshop to make my photo presentable. My friend, same age as I, says we’re at the age where it would be nice if we could just drop off our bodies at the doctors’ to work on for a week, much like you drop off your car.

  19. Heck I did comment here after all. And your birthday is one day after Hannah’s birthday.

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