Tight Lines!

Well, not too tight yet, if those of you who fish know what I mean. But I did catch three lovely bass and since we left the bass-o-matic at home catch and release, and Rich does the unhooking releasing while I flap my arms and squeal “don’t hurt it! don’t hurt it!”- no pictures. Take my word for it, they were the little ones that got away. We are in paradise, loving every drizzly drop of this. I mean it- from the ferry ride to our exceptional accommodations at Lakedale Resort, this beautiful island, drifting on the gorgeous inland lake, sleeping with the sound of rain- this is my idea of heaven. And today the sun will be out! (I’m rushing- again the battery threatens to die- and using the lodge’s wi-fi- so today you just get a quick photo essay. Elizabeth is mid-work on the CSS and fine tuning my page- header back soon!)

It’s gray as we board the ferry


And baby makes three( see their pup?)- we enjoyed these bikers on the ferry


This isn’t your father’s tent (or like any I’ve ever stayed in…cozy flannel sheets and comforter, complimentary new hoodies and sweatpants…)


Quick, knit a hat- it’s getting chilly


A week with no Crackberry! And the sun pops out. Now, THAT is heaven!


A mutual love of fly fishing was one of the original selling points…


…that I used to hook Rich (he’s just changing my fly- I tie ’em, he changes ’em midstream)


a nibble on a well placed line


I told you it was all silver!


If you don’t keep your fish, dinner is all about hydration


End of a wonderful day-almost


16 responses to “Tight Lines!

  1. I feel so bad about the weather. Normally this is sunburn time. Are the mosquitoes eating you alive? Mickey says “Miaouuuuuuuuruuuuuu?”

  2. You have me grinning from ear to ear! Happy campers, indeed! Everything is here and you couldn’t be more beautiful!

  3. What a tent! I had no idea. I like your hair. You really did go natural, didn’t you. It looks wonderful.

    Continue to have a wonderful time!!!

  4. Is that one of the new FEMA tents?
    I heard they were nice, but gee whiz!

    Looks like you are having a great time!
    It’s like the antiSurvivorman show 🙂

  5. Tent looks luxurious, you look great (hair too) and I hope it doesn’t rain too much!

  6. I do believe it’s ol’ Cottontop. You’d be pretty in anything.

    I am in awe of that “tent”, which is far fancier than any tent I ever saw.

    Go catch ’em fish, Salome. Er….. Salmonee?

  7. I’ve never seen a tent like that before! (nothing like the one I have to sleep in when we go camping-our big luxury is an air mattress under the sleeping bags) Bless you for adapting well to our unusually wet August; I hope the weather improves for you. Still, it looks like you’re making the best of the trip!

  8. Wow — and I thought I was camping luxuriously! No one’s putting out a complimentary sweatsuit for me! Wow! Have fun! Your hair is gorgeous, by the way!

  9. That tent is unbelievable! I’d go camping all the time if the our tent looked like that. What a wonderful vacation.

  10. It all looks relaxing and fab, Vicki.

    Was that some Bombay Sapphire I spied? Not that I know the bottle.

  11. Oh, that is exactly the sort of camping I’d like to be doing right now! Even if it were still raining, that would be sooooo much better than sitting here eating lunch at my office computer.

    My hair is working hard to catch up with your hair. Haircut on Thursday; I’m always curious to see whether the next one changes the ratio between salt and pepper noticeably.

  12. Love the silver. And camping looks fun and relaxing. Enjoy.


    I am trying really hard not to be jealous right now.

  14. I’m not trying. I’m COMPLETELY jealous. It looks wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Wow did that time period come up quickly.

    What fun! And how comfy and lovely. ENJOY!. I can’t wait to share the photos with Keith when he gets home Thursday night. Shared jealousy!

  15. I could easily live in that tent. The weather has been a bit off for August, but now you know the truth about the gray northwest. Welcome to our world. Your hair is beautiful.

  16. Looks wonderful all around and tell Eliz that the larger font is better for old eyes

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