A question from the administrator:

Hi, Vicki’s readers! Elizabeth here, with a question for those of you who gaze fondly upon these pages. I’d like to get your opinions about the font. Is it too big? The font is set at 105 percent. It’s also a little darker so it stands out more. Is it easier to read? Or is it too big? Please leave your opinions in the comments! Thank you!

P.S. Aren’t Vicki’s photos gorgeous? Don’t you wish you were up there with her? I do!

Edited to add: Is this better?

Edited again: The font is not bold, it’s just darker. If I made it bold, then if Vicki wanted to put something in bold, you wouldn’t be able to see it!

17 responses to “A question from the administrator:

  1. Yes, it is slightly too big. What you need is a type just a little bigger than what she is using now. Boldface idea is good, though.

  2. The font is good for me. I don’t need to look upwards to adjust my bifocals! Something a little larger than the previous font would help.

  3. I forgot to thank you!

  4. A little too big. I agree with Old Horsetail Snake that a little bit bigger than the old font would be good.

  5. Too big. I agree with Old Horsetail Snake that a little larger than the old font would be good.

  6. Oops. 😛

  7. It’s a smidge big, I think, but very easy to read for those of us using bifocals! I love Vicki’s photos.

  8. What the others said. Except it’s not bold to me (firefox, if that helps).

    And yes, the photos are gorgeous enough to make me thoroughly homesick.

  9. Edited to add: yes, I think it is much better. But I still don’t see bold.

  10. It’s all good to me. To be honest, I don’t really notice font all that much.

  11. Looks good! At this size, I can easily read it without my glasses. Of course, that may not be the case six months from now…

    And yes, Vicki’s photos – and Rich’s of her – are wonderful.

  12. I’m the one who originally mentioned about font size. But then, Michelle de Seattle showed me how I could make it larger from my own computer, so that is what I do. I’ll go with the flow. I do like the font darker.

    When there is not a lot of contrast, it’s a little difficult, particularly if you have vision problems. But as I said, I’ve fixed it on my own end.

    Thanks for being sensitive to this old lady’s needs.

  13. I think it is great this way. I have to wear reading glasses no matter what but this font is nice and unfussy and neat so it is great to read.

    Yes, Vicki’s photos are gorgeous and so is she.

  14. Looks really good to me now. Great job, Elizabeth.

  15. Elizabeth, thank you! Now I don’t have to increase the font size when I read Vicki’s blog!

  16. MUCH easier to read now that it’s bigger. Thanks so much!

  17. ya, on this issue. Bigger is better.

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