(You thought it ended in ‘i’, didn’t you?

Laura at Vitamin Sea has launched a grand idea for this weekend’s posting. Thinking about "Where We Live," she’s taking photo requests from friends in the blog neighborhood. At her place you can put in a request for a picture of something in or around Tampa Bay. Of course, I want to see something IN Tampa Bay and it had best not be flotsam or jetsam. FC at Pure Florida will show you around the more rural area where he lives and other interesting folk have signed up, too. Maybe you would like to? Go on over to Laura’s place.

I’ve decided to link and join. At the moment I have a picture of two giant paper wasp nests sitting here on my desk. I think these things are architectural wonders and texturally beautiful to boot. So, I’ve hauled them from Michigan where they hung on a wall and everyone oohed and aahed and shuddered when they saw them. Here, there are the last items that haven’t found their niche in this modern row house. Do you have any idea how hard it is to move to giant paper wasp nests?

So- is there anything else you would like to see a picture of here in Chicagoland? Put in your requests and I’ll try to oblige. Those that are closest to home- my new house, Oz Park, the Lakeshore, Lincoln Park, the zoo- will be easiest of course- but I’ll try to get to them all. Please don’t ask me to take a picture of an alley rat. Please.

11 responses to “Paparazzo

  1. The opera house (inside), the symphony (also inside), the fairy castle at the Museum of Science and Industry, the penguins at the Aquarium, the Auditorium Theater (what’s playing now). Do you want more suggestions?

  2. Symphony Center
    Civic Opera House
    Ravinia Park
    Art Institute Lions
    Jeweler’s Building (Lobby and Clock)
    Green City Market
    Sofitel Watertower (Outside/In)
    Vicki’s view from atop the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

  3. I would like anything left over from that Chicago Worlds fair. I read the Devil in the White City(I may have this title wrong) and it was fascinating.

  4. Anything you think photo worthy is fine with me, Vicki.

    I read the Devil in the white city and it was fascinating!

  5. Those nests are scary.

  6. I heard on the radio today that wasps in the fall are so desperate for prey (fewer and fewer insects to hunt) that they will actually take small bites out of people sometimes. And then the guy said that the important thing in avoiding getting stung is not to run. I dunno, if a wasp bites me I might run towards an ice cream shop for safety. They also said that in Germany it’s illegal to kill wasps because they’re such beneficial insects; your post makes me think it might be a sort of “engineers looking out for engineers” thing.
    Another article about the huge wasps nests they’re finding in the south this year mentioned that the bigger the nest, the more docile the wasps are. They have so many kids to take care of they just want to be left alone so that they can find more food.
    I’msorrythisiskindofofftopic toomuchsugarnotenoughsleep.

  7. I love this idea! I’ve never seen much of anything so it will be like a vacation for me.

  8. Paper wasps nests from Michigan? I just burst out laughing. Yes, I can imagine how hard that must be move these nests, and I hope there weren’t any strays inside of it!
    May I echo what Poopie said, anything Chicago would be fascinating.

  9. Chicago food. Something that is a Chicago specialty.
    Ya gotta love me, I made a request that gets you a dinner out.

  10. I would like a picture of Navy Pier please. And a really good shot of the Magnificent Mile.

  11. Hi! Stopping by from Vitamin Sea to add my request. 😉

    It’s windy in Chicago, right? Show me a picture of the wind.

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