It’s a plot!

Could she have commented, "Oh, I would like to see a picture of the sea lions at the Lincoln Park Zoo, please"? No, she leaves here a list that will take the better part of two months to photograph. She knows I won’t cheat and post stock photos but only my own so she sets me down this path….and do you know what? It’s all to distract me from the fact that, at the moment, Illinois is trouncing those Green Meanies, 13-9. Hah!

Here are a couple photos I took of the Jeweler’s Building at 35 E. Wacker Drive. It was completed in 1927.
This 40-story building was the tallest outside of New York City at the
time of its construction. Amazingly, this building originally had an elevator that carried individual automobiles
to the 2nd through the 22nd floors so jewelers could remain in their cars with their gems. The building’s terra cotta-clad, classical design marks it as one of
the most prominent high-rise statements of the so-called City Beautiful
Movement. It is also the most notable work of the partnership of
Joachim Giaver and Frederick Dinkelberg, who had spent most of their
architectural careers with the firm of D.H. Burnham & Company. For those of you who read The Devil in The White City, Burnham was the moving force behind the Columbian Exposition of 1893. If you haven’t read this book- do!

The first picture was so dark (it was, for ten minutes, a dark and gloomy afternoon) that I had to photoshop the exposure. Pretend it’s art. The second picture I like because it shows this classical design in the context of it’s present day neighbors on the Loop.

This post is part of the "Where We Live" series started by Laura at Vitamin Sea. Read below and feel free to add your requests- within reason.

Roxanne- the Civic Opera is up next. Back to the game (bonnie, it’s 20-10 Illinois)…Jewel3


13 responses to “It’s a plot!

  1. Oh, THANK YOU! I know that most of the buildings from that book aren’t there any more, so I am feasting my eyes on your artistic rendition of the Jeweler’s building.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the book. When I took the architectural boat tour this summer, the docent mentioned it. I didn’t write it down, so, of course, I forgot it.

  3. Must you multitask during the MSU debacle, er, game?

    The Jeweler’s Building had another elevator, private and round, that delivered guests to Al Capone’s private and illegal speakeasy, the Stratosphere Club. More importantly, it houses the French-American Chamber of Commerce! ;~)

    I forgot to ask for Joffrey Ballet photos. You wouldn’t dream of missing Cinderella, would you? Ashton and Prokofiev!!

    Did your guys win back the Little Brown Jug today?

    Great photos, Vicki!!

  4. I love how they try to keep a mixture of the old and new in cities. Well, except Atlanta where they demolished another building this week. I guess they can blame it on Sherman and his burning of Atlanta during the Civil War.

    A young fellow, well now he would be in his 30’s, is an architect there in Chicago. Patrick Thornton. He was in college when Nyssa was six and was our next door neighbor. I think he works with a firm that specializes in restoration and reclaiming the old buildings.

    Let’s see. Michigan won. Michigan State lost. (poor Bonnie) William and Mary lost by two points. It was on TV here and they had a big crowd. Yes, I remember. It was Family Weekend… lots of Freshmen parents.

    BTW, per several requests, the next installment of my Fairytale Tale is up.

  5. I woke up this morning and suddenly had this inexplicable longing to see a picture of Sterling, or his cousins at the Brookfield Zoo. Fortunately, I saved his picture so I’m off to my file to gaze on that precious face.

    I am seriously starved for affection. 🙂

  6. if you haven’t taken the architechtural (sp) boat tour, you owe it yourself to do it before it gets any colder in the windy city. my cousin and i are chicagoholics and we do that tour at least once a year, never get sick of it. blessings

  7. I’m happy to see that we did get back the brown jug. Those are beautiful pics vicki!

  8. And I missed all the fun!

    I would have asked you to show us a sign of Fall in the city.

  9. Great idea and great photos, V.

    I’m sending Ash over cause he’s the unofficial but bestest Asheville photog!

  10. Chicago has a great downtown. I was there a few years ago. I never realized the building from “Adventures in Babysitting” was in Chicago until then!

  11. Why don’t you email me when you’re headed into the vicinity of the Opera House? My office is kitty-corner across the street. Meet for coffee? Cocktails? I’d love to welcome you to our fair city!

  12. I can get my Duesenberg that high? Heavens to Vicki….

  13. Did you go off to Florida?

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