Lost in the Land of Oz, #3

I thought I would take a little halftime walk around the neighborhood and snap a few photos for you because it’s such a beautiful day here in the Land of Oz. And Michigan is doing well enough against Notre Dame that I don’t think I’ll jinx anything by wandering away for a few minutes.

So, my street deadends at Oz Park. I’ve already shown you a bit of the park, including Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and the playground. It’s a lovely park.The street is quite nice, too. If I squint, I think it looks a bit like Paris. We live on the east side of the street, mostly condos and townhouses, and then the west side of the street has more single family detached homes with alarming price tags. Orchardwest

Then, at the other end of the street is a busy intersection with lots of interesting shops, restaurants and hospital buildings. This particular property, of course, is not improving the neighborhood substantially. This is John Barleycorn’s Pub and somehow a rogue group of insurrectionists have set up shop there. Every Fall Saturday, it’s a real scene.Barleycorn2


10 responses to “Lost in the Land of Oz, #3

  1. I have often walked down this street before…

    You live in a most tasteful neighborhood, indeed, Vicki!

    THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!! GO BIG GREEN!!! Hopefully, someone will cut the SPARTANS off after a few too many beers. Especially in the event of a loss, hard as that might be to imagine, for pyromaniacal tendencies lie dormant within the hearts that bleed GREEN!

    ‘Tis a tad awkward that John Barleycorn’s Pub has a slight agricultural ring to it, but never mind.

  2. What a charming neighborhood, Vicki. I like seeing the surroundings in other areas, so do this a lot, okay?

  3. It is a very scenic, and peaceful looking place. I would like to visit that pub. Do you think they have Hefeweisen?

  4. what a cool street you live on, and i really believe you will come to love the windy city. just please don’t discard the tigers in favor of the white sox until this season is over!

  5. Your street is lovely indeed. When you’re from a small place and read about cities, you think about concrete and steel, and then you see pictures like your and SRP’s and realize that in the midst of all the business of city life, there is a haven to come home to.

  6. How lovely! Your photos are how I remember the close-in neighborhoods of Chicago from two long-ago visits – lots of red brick and lush foliage (it was summer).

  7. Yours is the one with all the ivy on the outside? I just love ivy covered walls; it feels like such wisdom and character reside there. And it is a lovely street, even with that green stuff hanging in the windows and that big “S”.

    Apparently I am making a trip to Illinois. Unfortunately it will be one of these marathon driving events there, one day for another 50th anniversary party and a drive back. Another one of my dad’s brothers is celebrating. This brings the total to three who have passed this mark. Another one sometime next year. So I will be in the southern part of the state, Clay City to be exact around the second week in October.

    My team was not so fortunate yesterday… actually they were robbed by bad officiating, the worst. Sigh. I’ll just slink off now.

    PS: Ever since I revealed my checkered past and the “fruit fly incident”, there has been a lone fruit fly in my room. Occasionally he dive bombs me while I sit here typing. He must have come in from my pumpkin patch.

  8. Oh My God!! What an eyesore! What can we do about this, Vick? It’s gotta go. Don’t they have zoning laws there? I was just going to say what a gentrified neighborhood you live in, THEN THIS!

    I’m a good letter writer. If you need me to write a letter to some zoning board or code enforcement officer, I’m your man. Let me know.

  9. Rogues indeed! So glad that Bill is finally home safe and sound and that you’re appreciating your new home. It looks like a lovely neighborhood.

  10. What a wonderful neighborhood!
    So much green! Love so much this architecture!

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