TV Blahs

Just about everything is into reruns and as winter finishes up I’m actually looking forward to throwing in the towel on television until next September. There’s nothing left on TIVO but some episodes of Carnivale and a) the show is getting just a little too dark for me and b) I’m apparently too dim-witted to figure out what’s going on anyway. Could someone tell me whether Scudder is (was) good? evil? And what now- is Sofie Brother Justin’s daughter? So if she’s pregnant by Ben the child is, hmmm, what? Maybe she’ll have twins and they can split the difference. Also, if they’re tangled up genetically maybe the added geek factor will come into play. Speaking of geeks, I thought Geek Love by Katherine Dunn was one of the best books ever but no one in my previous book club agreed. Anyway it is too difficult for my brain to process that much symbolism and sinister gak late at night and still sleep peacefully. Patti, can you explain it to me? Here’s a picture of Velcro (may he rest in peace and a heaven full of critters) trying out for a walk-on role in Carnivale:

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