WHAT THE HECK? sounds stupid to me…

Here is a little blurb on Rich and swearing. He is happy that I’m blogging and, in the midst of baseball and steroid issues (he’s a consulting psychologist in leisure and sports intelligence) he has bookmarked my blog and kept up with it. I know this because he took exception to my comment that he wasn’t slogging his fair share of duck poop as I wrote earlier in the week. So tonight he says, "today was good but I regret the use of obscentities."  And he looked like a sad stuffed shirt. He’s referring, of course, to my rage (RAGE) rant on the Arctic drilling issue.

Rich is lots of things, among them a hardcore Lutheran (misery synod-where no, not EVERYONE is welcome at The table) and a man of great integrity. I’m not saying those are either synonymous or mutually exclusive (I’m already in enough trouble and as I dig myself in deeper I’m hoping tomorrow he gets so much baseball business he’ll be too busy to read this) but he does manage to get himself successfully through life without the use of obscenities. He is a high-powered business man, hangs with the bubbas at Wit’s End, plays golf with the guys and really really communicates with all four kids, ages 19-28 (his, mine, all ours)- without swearing. He’s funny and energized and excited and clever and he doesn’t curse.

I pretty much cursed as I pleased before I met him. Compassionate and competent psychotherapist by day, I often swore like a sailor on my own time. For Rich I made an effort to clean up my discourse and, by and large, I’ve been the better for it. I feel better. I actually feel calmer. But I have to admit that, for me, every once in a while a good FUCK! is called for. It’s just the right word for how I’m feeling. ‘Darn it’ won’t do for ‘Damn!’ and  "WHAT IS THIS SHIT??!?!" is all I can think when I walk into Abby’s bedroom.
I just started this blog 5 days ago. As I go I’ve been reading lots of other blogs. Mirroring much of the rest of life, most of them contain their fair share of curses, crudeness, coarse language and FUCKs.
Some of the really good ones do ( e.g. Julia’s page documenting her fertility struggles  wherein, to my mind, cursing and swearing is about all there is left to do) and ALL of the pretty bad ones do. So here’s my question: for how many readers does it detract? Are there people who are so turned off by it that the medium becomes the massage and the message is lost? Is there ever a time when you need to cut loose to make your point? Does a little fuck sometimes make for better reading?

I really want to know. I’m still in egg tooth mode here and I welcome your input. Here is a picture of a Jesus Christ lizard (Basilisk) in Costa Rica- they really do walk on water.

5 responses to “WHAT THE HECK? sounds stupid to me…

  1. “Does a little fuck sometimes make for better reading?” Heavens yes. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  2. Roberta- Even as I wrote that line I figured I was feeding it to you 🙂

  3. Well, I know I get a chuckle… and it makes me feel at home. Not my true “home,” but school…. which often seems like home because of the amount of time I spend here. High school students use a language all there own, and it often uses such words. (I do want to point out that they sometimes us it incorrectly. Should I be correcting them then????) Keep up the good work, Vicki. If the moment requires a little extra “umph” to make your point perfectly clear, then so be it. 🙂

  4. I don’t know. As you know from reading my blog, I frequently swear, so I feel I have contributed to your delinquency.

    Some people think swearing is lazy– a sign that you can’t find another word.

    Really, fuck that.

  5. Ya, fuck that. And after driving around Washington D.C. in a rental car for 2 days with Rich at the wheel I no longer give a fuck what he thinks…cuz I disovered at the corner of M and 25th he can curse with the best of ’em. Thanks for the support, Jen.

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