The only good peep is a stale peep

Spring has sprung, despite a dead computer and a lingering case of viral pneumonia. I know: this is stale news. Believe me, I know.

Frankly, I am spoiled. Not a whole lot of rain falls into my life, especially since I became a grown-up, somewhere around 40 years of age. Since then, life has been surprisingly balanced and happy. (We won’t discuss the first 40 years right now.) I’ve also been blessed with good health. Other than my annual physical and a few spots of basel cell carcinoma, I literally haven’t been to the doctor’s office in ten years. Until, that is, a week ago when I went to get the prognosis on this crud. She said 2-3 weeks of fatigue and croup-like coughing. This was okay news since I was already a week into it and now it’s a week later so I figure I’m in the final few days. Good, yes?

Back at the Apple hospital the prognosis was not so good; still no logic board to be found and I admit it: I broke down and croaked and sobbed through my tale of lost records, email and even my connection with the outside world via my blog neighbors. What did they do? They sent me a brand new MacBook Pro. Now I feel embarrassed that I got rewarded for blubbering but I’m still really happy. They also sent back the old one and tomorrow the family computer geek is coming over to move all my records and then I’ll be good again. Photos, music, links and bookmarks. Addresses and email. Rumored to be at the speed of light or nearly so. Oh- and there’s a little camera built in. If Mr. Rhett had a camera he and Sophie could visit…

The bottom line is I’ve been dragging the last 6 weeks and I’m losing patience with it myself so here’s the plan: Tomorrow I will be up and running. I have not so many appointments and weather and energy permitting, I’ll be able to spend some time in the garden with my peeps.Img_0224_1

18 responses to “The only good peep is a stale peep

  1. Hey, we’re just hoping that you are on the mend.
    Love Godzilla eating peeps!
    I knew there had to be some use for the foul things.

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing better! I’ve been reading since Hoss told me to a while back, and I’ve got to say – your blog cheers me up every day when I get whiny and think it can’t get much worse. Honestly, I am amazed at how well you’ve handled everything life has thrown at you, and I wish you much luck and a fast recovery (for yourself and your computer buddy).

  3. That is a fantastic photo! And Gute Besserung, we say in Germany. That means “Good Bettering”, which I think sums it up quite nicely.

  4. Goodness gracious, I was getting a tad worried about you. I’m very happy to see that you have enough energy to pose Godzilla in the garden eating peeps.

  5. Hoo boy, she is feeling sort of frisky again. (Where’d you find the dead animals?)

    Eight days to go. Yee haw! Or, as Whizzer would say, Vegas, babboo.

    Nice play on the Mac. You blubber SO well…

  6. I could only see the top of the flowers on the screen and I thought, does she mean “Peeps” or is Peeps a type of flower, too? And then I scrolled down and things became clearer.

    Yay for blubbering. It worked.

  7. I love the pic…there’s something satisfying about godzirra eating peeps 🙂

  8. OK, I am in week three of the crud. Am attributing it to the pollen of the luxurious pines. My worsening of the ever present sinus crud began the first day that lovely yellow dust began to collect on the car. I took to the bed for three days. Of course my folks are here trying to diagnose me with horrible bacterial infections, asthma, TB, you name it. Every couple of days I have to remind them that I am the doctor, and I didn’t get my degree on the internet.

    Mr. Rhett shyly sends Miss Sophie this message: My mom has a web cam. IF she would just learn how to use it properly. Hey, he might even consent to a bath over this.

    Yummy, PEEPS. I know they aren’t good for you but it is my one big downfall at Easter. I was good. Only bought myself one pack this year. Of course they are all gone now.

    Get well soon, I will try to do so as well.
    BTW…. Monday, April 24th is a VERY SPECIAL DAY!
    Just a hint.

  9. Its good to hear from you again! I had to have a new logic board on my newish mac desktop because the fans were running so loud and it kept over heating and shutting down. It took a week to get the board but they warned me that it might take as many as 4. Do you have the bulging capicitors? That is common I learned but thats not what mine had. Apparently lots of logic boards went out on last years models. Everything is good now and I’m back to loving my mac. i don’t have a web cam but I do have two girly kitties who might be ready to rumble over Mr. Rhett.

    Love the picture.

  10. I loved the photo! Peeps are better stale…I used to buy a box and open the film then let them sit for a few days before I’d eat them. Something about those little hardened peeps was so delicious! Thanks for a great post!

  11. Oh that is now right up there at the top of my “favorite pics of 2006” file. 🙂

  12. Seattle has a Peep design contest every year. This year included Harley Peeps, Brokeback Peeps, Warhol’s “Marilyn” made from Peeps, and more. Your interpretation surely would have brought in some prize money!

    Glad to hear that you’re coming around!!

  13. My daughter loves stale peeps too. And I agree with Rurality. That is one fine photo.

    I hope you are 100% shortly. Good news about the replacement computer. I’m happy with my mac.

  14. I have found that crying and showing real emotion are powerful. People are used to just hearing anger, and not frustration, sadness, and grief. We are catching colds while at high altitudes in Colorado-that should be interesting. Good luck with your computer(s).

  15. That photograph was happening in my living room on Sunday. How did you know?

    Sorry about the lingering illness. You haven’t stopped drinking, have you?

  16. How cute a pic is that? I’m moving into a house soon and I’m so glad I’ll be able to putter about and having something like a garden again, not only for the flowers but for my heeerbs. The apartment life is not for me, I think (although it will have to be in NYC).

    Yipee for your new Macbook! What a relief about that being solved. My friend’s Mac Mini up and crashed on him 3 months after warranty but he’s going to try and wrestle with it first before giving it the old heave ho.

    Gosh I hadn’t been around here for a while and you know what? I missed you (and the posts). I really did.

  17. That picture is priceless!! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Glad to read about the new computer. Take care sweetie.

  18. You know, I love the pictures. And even though I know that you are wading your way through grief and shock right now, I am still loving the stories about your sobbing on airplanes, to tech guys, and other Apple guys– you are letting the grief spill out of you and still keeping your sense of humor and trudging through the business of realizing that you are still waking up every morning, so what the hell do you do now?

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