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Happy Peep Day!

It’s always a toss for me, whether to get all hunkered down in matters of religious contemplation or go all out with Peeps. One year I explained Maundy Thursday for you all in a prelude to Easter and I still feel pretty much the same way. We should be washing each other’s feet and welcoming everybody to the table as a matter of course, in our day-to-day lives and we should be constantly thankful that we get what we get, despite our often egregiously miscreant behavior.

No where is that more true than in our relationship with this good earth and that, of course, always puts me in mind of Godzilla and Peeps. Truly, that was a great photo and darn if all I can find of it now is a thumbnail on my external hard drive. It’s not in my current iPhoto library and it’s  fallen off the old original blog post so it’s not there either but I’m going to ask some knowledgable Mac person how to resurrect it.

Speaking of resurrection, be glad. Be very very glad. Spring is in full force here on the mountain and we are enjoying our home here in Sugar Hollow. This morning we hiked up the mountain behind (in front of?) the house and, swear to Peeps, there was a waterfall we didn’t know existed. A true crashing down waterfall. Not thunderous, but significant. It is the creek that carries all the melt off of Little Pisgah Mountain and there it is, in our back front yard. Up the mountain from us. I didn’t have my camera but I’m going back up there tomorrow or Monday and shoot a little video for you, ala FC. Until then I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful day, a happy Spring, a blessed Sunday. With that in mind here are some shots of the wildlife around here, with certain folks in mind. You know who you are (everyone who stops in); even though I’m terrible in the comment department I’m glad you’re out there, writing as you do, showing me the world through your eyes, coming by here to say hello.

The birds at our feeders are a constant pleasure and although I’m looking forward to the New River, WV Birding Festival next week, we’ve had a great show right here since our arrival.

The goldfinches are brilliant right now and the view from here expansive.

We’re learning about all new insects, snakes and spiders here. On our hike up the mountain today we saw a spunky snake who wanted to stay in our path and needed a little walking stick encouragement to move. We also found a handsome box turtle and the kid in me wanted to bring him home but we left him be. (I checked. It was a him.) Where is your camera when you need it???

A Murder of Ravens? I’ll be joining the Flock in New River next Sunday…

Happy Belated Anniversary, Bonnie and Bruce! Happy Easter! (I just stopped by to once again admire all the faces at Babette’s Feast!)

Do we need a wood duck box? Well, probably not…but I’m thinking of you.

Always remember: the only good Peep is a stale Peep. Keep your Peeps for as long as you can. Cheers

a nearly perfect day


My new best excuse

(This photo was taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and is not copyrighted. He is one of my all time favorite photographers and I also think he is an incredible steward of the earth, maybe the best. If you haven’t seen his work or you are not familiar with his, I highly recommend you check him out.)

Made up my mind. I am definitely going to keep up this blog, if for no other reason than to get Bonnie’s comments. And really, FC is right: FaceBook is sort of sucking the life blood out of some good blogs but there’s something lacking over there. It’s sort of promiscuous, a kind of cheap intimacy. (It ain’t pretty being easy, but sometimes I love it.) Also, it encourages those of us already challenged around editorial boundaries to just cut loose, not that I would ever do anything like recount my adventures with Bank of America, ala some bizarre impersonation of Robin Williams negotiating a mortgage.

Anyway, today I am coming clean and I have this new link for you: TANGLEDUPINWOOL.COM

I have been a busy feltmaker and I’m happy the site is up and launched, if not completely written, stocked, or padded out with all the bells and whistles I would like. I do hope you all will come visit me there. And for those of you chickens willing to cross the road? The first three to add a note at TUIW with your address will get a lovely surprise in the mail. (I promise not to share it with anyone, not even B of A)

And just to show you that I am, indeed, keeping up this blog that will no longer be all about things wool, guess who is back in the ‘hood? We thought he might have finally moved on, but two days ago I heard his call, went out and looked and there he was: Hannibal! Our old friend is back, perched next to his nest but I haven’t seen the missus yet this year. She usually arrives about a week later. That’s how Coopers stay mated for life, you know. She takes a separate vacation for a few months each year. I’ll keep you updated on their progress this season. Promise.

The Boy(s) of Winter

(Would it surprise you to learn that Field of Dreams is his favorite movie?)

You tell me. How old is this person? If I didn’t know better I would say 8, maybe 10. But I do know better and so do you. He’s 57. Still, on game days, he looks about 8 or 10, especially from behind. We are having beautiful days here in St. Petersburg, with temperatures in the high 60s, low 70s and cooler at night so the cats sleep on the bed. Rich keeps walking around commenting on how wonderful it is, asking me rhetorically, “Isn’t this just wonderful? Can you imagine anything better than this?” I’m certain he’s not baiting me. Would he? Nah…

Rich loves life here in our little neighborhood, as do I. To my mind it’s the best Florida has to offer. The worst would be, oh, say, the billboards. Or how about that judge who ruled today that large parts of the health care reform bill are unconstitutional? Sometimes it’s embarrassing to live in Florida, along with that idiot who was going to burn the Quran…

( a very brief digression: I wish I understood Constitutional Law better than I do. Because I remember when Daniel was born and they were about to put silver nitrate in his eyes to protect him against the dangers of syphilis and I yelled “wait! You can’t do that! I won’t let you!” And they said to me that it was the law, a paternalistic law designed to protect diseased idiots from themselves and their newborns. And I said, well, you can test me and you can test his father but I don’t want those drops in his eyes because I want him to want to look at me during the next two days rather than scrunch his eyes shut from that irritation. And they said, it’s the law. There are lots of laws in place designed to protect people from their own folly. So I don’t know why you can’t tell people they have to be insured against illness and dismemberment. What’s that? You can’t force people to BUY it? I had to pay for that silver nitrate. Alternatively, I suppose you could just give it to them for their own good. Oh, lord, don’t get me started.)

Back to what I was saying about how nice Florida can be in the winter, especially here in St. Petersburg. We had a friend from Michigan visit over the weekend and she was delightfully surprised at our beautiful bayfront and the new Dali Museum and the birds. Always there are the beautiful birds.

(Bird, watching in Florida)

The art and the birds and our good neighbors and these glorious weather days make this a wonderful place for me to be through the winter. Still, I miss the mountain house. A lot. I believe that that is where my heart and home will be, by and large, for as long as I can imagine. I’m constantly thinking about planting in the garden there, cooking in the kitchen there while looking at the view, feeding the birds and inadvertently, the bears. This sweet little bungalow was never meant to be more than a very modest get-away. Trying to grow a garden and cook here in the tiny kitchen is challenging.

(Eight years old. Ten, at most.)

I’m not sure Rich is all that attached yet to the mountain house. Here he has his Boys of Winter Half Century baseball league where you have to be 50 to play. He’s one of the babies in the league and these guys are very very serious about their game. Some of them are Hall of Fame members, some play in more than one league, up to 7 and 8 games a week. It’s kind of funny to watch these somewhat dumpy and aging fellows mill about dugout in their uniforms right up until the time they’re up to bat. Then it’s incredible. Incredible as in, you didn’t hit a ball that well in your very best baseball youth.

Rich is not one of the better players but he has a great spirit and attitude and is well-respected and liked for that. And he loves it. I always ask, “So how was your game?” and he always says, “Great! I didn’t get hurt!” This is because I threatened to smack him if he tore his ACL or snapped an Achilles tendon, given the state of our health insurance. I guess if he stays healthy long enough he can join the Kids and Kubs. That would be the three-quarter century league where you have to be 75 to play. At that point he’s on his own because I will be permanently entrenched on the side of Little Mt. Pisgah, on earth or in heaven. (Did I mention that I’m planning on going to a heaven? Where there are no termites or billboards?) Really, it’s good that he’s playing because the rest of the time he is working so hard that he needs the break, the stress relief. The only time he doesn’t have his BlackBerry in hand is when he leaves it on the dresser to go play ball. Well, yes, there are a few other moments but mostly, the longest stretches are during games. We’re making a point of biking down to say hello to the manatee or walk on the pier once a day but he still takes his BlackBerry; his life is all about work right now.

Me? Michelle said I’ve been in stealth mode, as in quiet here in the nethood. Not really. I’ve just gone over to another site. It’s true, it’s true. I’ve gotten my new website launched, the one tied to my work and play. I still have a long way to go on that website and the learning curve is steep. Here’s the thing: having a web designer is like having a drug dealer. Once you’re in a relationship with one, several times a day you’re whining, “help me! help me!”  I’m hoping to go into recovery soon but in the meantime I just keep uploading and rearranging things. Kind of like being in a new house where you keep rearranging the furniture to see how it looks. As I move things around, other stuff disappears or gets kinked and I have to go back to my dealer for a fix. In a couple of days I’ll be ready to unveil to you all and maybe offer a welcome wagon sort of gift or something. We’ll see.