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Life in Contrast

We’re getting a much needed gentle but steady rain here in southeastern Michigan- the fringe edge of a storm that has devasted whole States and destroyed so many lives. The images are unbelieveable. I’m on our local Red Cross Disaster Response team and today I’ll attend a meeting to find out what our community will do to respond to Katrina.

Also, in the past few days, Bill  has been sending photos from Iraq where he manages logistics for the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade. I’m going to post some of those here today- you’ll need to click to enlarge because I’m hogging way too much bandwidth- but they give a glimpse of a place that it is so foriegn and far away from most of us. I’m struck by the wealth and beauty of the Al Faw Palace and by contrast, the day-to-day life and hardship of our service people.

Tomorrow, I’ll write a bit more and it will be another SAY HI TO BILL and THE 322D CIVIL AFFAIRS BRIGADE! day  so be sure to come back then with your greetings and good wishes.Al_faw_lights_from_above_2Al_faw_stair_lightingAl_faw_palaceAnother_heroFt_bragg_lodgingCsd_prepares_for_missionChow_timeCamp_slayer_pool_2

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Let Me Introduce…

Mary! Mary is the youngest member of Bill’s staff in the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade. She has the happy task of distributing your goodwill. Bill says he’s hoarding all the letters until he finishes them and then they’ll get passed on in a few days. This weekend, when they have time in their schedule, Mary and Bill and others will be sending more pictures plus notes of thanks. Say Hi! to Mary…Img_0058

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View from a Starter Person

The thing about the author of this letter is how completely over the top her mother is…poor child. Even with her problem parent, she seems to be doing well, wouldn’t you say?


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Last week I let you know that I was going to shamelessly ask you to contribute CDs and DVDs for a media library for Bill and his guys in Iraq. No politics; just friendly and meaningful support. So, here’s the deal:

First off, Everybody give a shout out to the friendly folks at Langley! You want to get your blog read? Print a post with the APO address of a high ranking officer. Then, I’d like to thank Jim, who is running Mix Mania and collecting second CDs to send. And then, a big thank you to Edgy Mama  (that’s ANNEFITTEN, altogether now) who was the FIRST to deliver with a bunch of CDs that showed up yesterday. It was an interesting assortment and I’ve made a vow not to pull out really good ones and keep them. Everything goes. So, do me a favor. Do Bill and all his guys (he’s got a pretty big gathering of our troops over there) a favor:

1) Go over to Jim’s if you’re doing MixMania and see his post.

2) E-mail me if you have any DVDs or CDs you would like sent over to the media lending library we’re trying to build for these guys. When they’re not out in 112 degree sandstorms, fleas and mortar fire, they’re laying low and looking for stuff to watch and listen to. You e-mail me and I’ll send you my snail mail address. I’m sending a package from here July 10, so hop to, please. Rght now the only DVD is my copy of Winged Migration- sure to be a BIG hit. You know you can top that. No matter how many you send, I’ll mail them out.

3) In today’s comment section, please say Hi to Bill! I’ll print this whole post out at the end of the day tomorrow and mail it off to him with all your messages of good cheer. When I spoke to him yesterday he hadn’t gotten any mail yet and was having a down day between heat and work. So, I said, hold your horses, I’ll get something out. Any nice, creative, supportive or funny word you have to tack on to this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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