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Mix Mania!

Oo-oo-oo! I finished my first music CD burn. You think I jest. No, truly. I have children to burn my CDs for me. And an iPod. So I hope the person who is getting this is honored even if she is rolling all over the floor laughing at my musical selections.

1. That Was Your Mother   Paul Simon
2. Sea of Love                 Tom Waits
3. Kodachrome/Maybeline  Concert in the Park/ Simon&Garfunckle
4. The Upper Peninsula       Sufjan Stevens (ya, now you know who you are, except you                                          don’t read my blog. 🙂 
5. Buck Naked                 David Byrne
6. It Must Be Love            Rickie Lee Jones
7. The First Day of August  Carole King   
8. A Night in Tunisia         Turtle Island String Quartet
9. Butterfly’s Day Out       Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer

PLUS a BONUS CD. I have heretofore not shared the music of Special Only, my gifted number one child who is a jazz saxophonist. This second CD is a recording of the University of Michigan Jazz Ensemble playing Bob Brookmeyer’s Celebration Suite in memory of Gerry Mulligan. This is one of the very few jazz orchestral pieces written for the baritone sax. You know who is the featured soloist. The rest of you: eat your heart out.  And get your extra CDs and DVDs to Jim  so we can get them over to the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade and Bill in Iraq. Thanks, all.

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A Little Homework

I knew if I tagged  Bonnie  with a music meme I would end up with both pleasure and homework (in the same way I knew if I tagged Hoss I’d get cartoon music). I’m only familiar with three of Bonnie’s choices; I love the Strauss and Mozart (Bonnie knows I’m a sucker for opera) and the Schubert piece is a definite favorite. The other two I haven’t heard and apparently neither has iTunes (no surprise) so I’ll head over to Border’s on an old gift card. Jen gave me some new music, too; The Garden State soundtrack is a good one but I don’t have the David Byrne one so I’ll scrounge for that one. Thank you all very much for the fun and entertainment!

Here’s a little meme; I won’t tag anyone with it but I’d love to hear what goes on (or not) at your house so feel free to dump your thoughts on your post or in the comments below.

What five things will no one else but you do around the house?

(This comes to my mind more now because I was gone for a few days and those things became even more noticeable.)

1. Clean bad food or science projects run amok out of the refrigerator. They compound this negligence by opening the refrigerator numerous times each day and saying, "Ewwww. Yuuch! What is that?" and then closing the door again.

2. Unball socks. They clog up the floor of the bedrooms and baths like dirty white cow pies. If I don’t  do it they go into the washer and come out of the dryer in the same condition. This problem is compounded by the fact that the children are sock thieves. Which aggravates the Sam’s Club shopping problem.

3. Play Post Office. All mail- real mail (very scarce), flyers, bank statements, investment reports (does anyone read those 200 page fine print reports with all the FTC mandated information about their retirement funds let alone cast a vote for Herkimer Fienstein or Jolanda Johnson as a new member of the board? Like I should know this stuff…), bills, magazines, pizza coupons. It ALL ends up in a pile on my desk and this is true if it’s a day or a week or if I died. I never asked to be appointed post mistress.

4. Answer the phone. ANSWER THE FRIGGIN’ PHONE! We have a lovely message, recorded by FG, saying, "Hi! You’ve reached the home of Fishing Guy, Egg Tooth and Turtle Dream! Leave a message so we can call you back!" FG NEVER EVER EVER answers the phone. Not when I’m in the shower, not when I’m in the garden, not when I’m in a plane rolling around in the grass at Tampa Int’l Airport. He is very certain it is not for him. It cannot possibly be his brother, his brother, his brother, one of our four children, a business associate, a golfing buddy. It is not for him. The children, when here, get up, gaze at the caller ID and if it’s not for them they sit back down. That’s it. They sit down.

5. This is my favorite. No one but me throws out bouquets gone bad. I almost always have fresh  flowers in the house,usually from the garden. I can come home after a week and it can smell like some back tidewater swamp in the dining room with rotty blackened flower petals strewn across the oak dining table and a mold index of 4000 in here and no one will throw out the dead flowers. The reason I love this one most is because, way back when I was a Blogging for Books winner on the 12th of May, FG sent me the most beautiful flowers from the best florist in town- roses and freesia and tulips and hydrangea- with a card that said, "to my favorite author."  When we got back from our airport adventure at 3 AM this morning and everyone but me was asleep I looked first at the 2 foot mountain of mail on my desk and then followed the wretched stench to the dining room and saw those dead flowers- only to be reminded of how much I am loved and how much I am in love.

Tell me what five things no one does at your house but you.

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You listen to what???

Jim  passed me a music meme that he got from Steve, who I still blame for originating the punchbowl one. I didn’t post that one except anonymously on Amy’s  blog because I work to create the illusion of sensibility in case a client happens by. My taste in music goes beyond eclectic and is highly reflective of my splintered personality which is probably how I end up on people’s blog rolls in the "Defying Category."

Right off the bat I have a problem- I have to go ask FG how to find out what the volume is- oh! there it is, right at the bottom.

1.What is the total volume of musical files on your computer?

3.79 Gigs

2. What song are you listening to right now?

Beim Schlafengehen  from Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss, sung by Kiri Te Kanawa. I audioblogged this at the bottom of the post so you can enjoy it, too. Maybe. The lyrics were written by Hermann Hesse and translate to this:

Going to Sleep
Now that day wearies me,
my yearning desire
will receive more kindly,
like a tired child, the starry night.

Hands, leave off your deeds,
mind, forget all thoughts;
all of my forces
yearn only to sink into sleep.

And my soul, unguarded,
would soar on widespread wings,
to live in night’s magical sphere
more profoundly, more variously.

3. Last CD I bought?

Blue Valentine, Tom Waits. I bought it so I could listen to him sing "Somewhere." It’s no secret I love Tom Waits. I think the lyrics to "Emotional Weather Report" are pure early genius:

late night and early morning low clouds
with a chance of fog
chance of showers into the afternoon
with variable high cloudiness
and gusty winds, gusty winds
at times around the corner of
Sunset and Alvorado
things are tough all over
when the thunder storms start
increasing over the southeast
and south central portions
of my apartment, I get upset
and a line of thunderstorms was
developing in the early morning
ahead of a slow moving coldfront
cold blooded
with tornado watches issued shortly
before noon Sunday, for the areas
including, the western region
of my mental health
and the northern portions of my
ability to deal rationally with my
disconcerted precarious emotional
situation, it’s cold out there
colder than a ticket taker’s smile
at the Ivar Theatre, on a Saturday night
flash flood watches covered the
southern portion of my disposition
there was no severe weather well
into the afternoon, except for a lone gust of
wind in the bedroom
in a high pressure zone, covering the eastern
portion of a small suburban community
with a 103 and millibar high pressure zone
and a weak pressure ridge extending from
my eyes down to my cheeks cause since
you left me baby
and put the vice grips on my mental health
well the extended outlook for an
indefinite period of time until you
come back to me baby is high tonight
low tomorrow, and precipitation is

4. Five songs you listen to a lot and which mean something to you:

Under African Skies–  Paul Simon, Graceland. Like a ‘lovely lullaby ringing round my nursery door’.

Sant Marti Del Canigo – Pau (Pablo) Casals. I love this particular piece because it is a strong and lovely demonstration of his virtuosity as a cellist.

Monkey’s Paw– Laurie Anderson. Who wouldn’t want stereo FM installed in their teeth ?

Low Symphony – Philip Glass, from the music of Brian Eno and David Bowie. Doesn’t that line-up tell you everything you need to know? These three, together.

A Long Time Ago – David Byrne. Loved him as a Talking Head; love him more solo. 

(Disclaimer: Music is in this family. Dan composes and plays avant jazz saxophone and performs with several prominent groups and his own trio. He has asked me not to promote his CDs or performances on my blog so I respect that. My favorite music?  His, of course.)

I get to pass this on, right? It’s going to Bonnie, Jen, Hoss, S,C & A,
and Raehan . Hoss will have to get them to crank up the Victrola and Bonnie will have to reappear (we’re missing you). S,C & A will need to do the collective conscious thing, I guess, and Jen will have to stop editing for a few minutes. Raehan, I want to know more about you! Have fun.

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