Happy Peep Day!

It’s always a toss for me, whether to get all hunkered down in matters of religious contemplation or go all out with Peeps. One year I explained Maundy Thursday for you all in a prelude to Easter and I still feel pretty much the same way. We should be washing each other’s feet and welcoming everybody to the table as a matter of course, in our day-to-day lives and we should be constantly thankful that we get what we get, despite our often egregiously miscreant behavior.

No where is that more true than in our relationship with this good earth and that, of course, always puts me in mind of Godzilla and Peeps. Truly, that was a great photo and darn if all I can find of it now is a thumbnail on my external hard drive. It’s not in my current iPhoto library and it’s  fallen off the old original blog post so it’s not there either but I’m going to ask some knowledgable Mac person how to resurrect it.

Speaking of resurrection, be glad. Be very very glad. Spring is in full force here on the mountain and we are enjoying our home here in Sugar Hollow. This morning we hiked up the mountain behind (in front of?) the house and, swear to Peeps, there was a waterfall we didn’t know existed. A true crashing down waterfall. Not thunderous, but significant. It is the creek that carries all the melt off of Little Pisgah Mountain and there it is, in our back front yard. Up the mountain from us. I didn’t have my camera but I’m going back up there tomorrow or Monday and shoot a little video for you, ala FC. Until then I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful day, a happy Spring, a blessed Sunday. With that in mind here are some shots of the wildlife around here, with certain folks in mind. You know who you are (everyone who stops in); even though I’m terrible in the comment department I’m glad you’re out there, writing as you do, showing me the world through your eyes, coming by here to say hello.

The birds at our feeders are a constant pleasure and although I’m looking forward to the New River, WV Birding Festival next week, we’ve had a great show right here since our arrival.

The goldfinches are brilliant right now and the view from here expansive.

We’re learning about all new insects, snakes and spiders here. On our hike up the mountain today we saw a spunky snake who wanted to stay in our path and needed a little walking stick encouragement to move. We also found a handsome box turtle and the kid in me wanted to bring him home but we left him be. (I checked. It was a him.) Where is your camera when you need it???

A Murder of Ravens? I’ll be joining the Flock in New River next Sunday…

Happy Belated Anniversary, Bonnie and Bruce! Happy Easter! (I just stopped by to once again admire all the faces at Babette’s Feast!)

Do we need a wood duck box? Well, probably not…but I’m thinking of you.

Always remember: the only good Peep is a stale Peep. Keep your Peeps for as long as you can. Cheers

12 responses to “Happy Peep Day!

  1. Have you had the Peeps wtih the chocolate bottoms? Not the ones totally covered in chocolate, but the ones with just a little chocolate. MMMMM! Happy Easter to you! Can’t wait to see the waterfall!

  2. You have so many little yellow birds! I’ve looked up peeps on both the Cornell birding website and in my Sibleys. No such creature. Must be an unusual sighting this time of the year. Enjoy them, they’re probably a fleeting thing.

  3. So many peeps… so little time. I have so far only had the bunnies… purple, pink and blue… yellow are in short supply. Have a lovely Easter.

  4. Not as good as penguins, but still…
    Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter, Vicki. I look forward to the photos of the waterfall, and I’ll try not to envy that you have one.

  6. Living in the mountains, with a creek and small waterfall–does it get any better? Your woods must be beautiful this time of year. We just arrived in Ohio and at the perfect time of spring; the daffodils and tulips are still blooming as are the apple, peach, cherry, crabapples….well, you get the idea. Ohio in springtime is the best place in the world to be, unless it’s been raining for 40 days and 40 nights of course.

    Wonder use of peeps–I knew there was something you could do with them!

  7. Living in a peep-free zone over here. I can hardly believe you went on a walk without your camera. Get back out there NOW and photograph that waterfall for me. I need more waterfalls in my life.

    Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Life. I’m glad I know you.

  8. Absolutely, stale peeps are the only kind! We do have a difference of opinion on that in this household. The Easter bunny has to leave some in the package and some not, for baskets.
    So pleased to see another purist…only yellow ones

  9. Beg pardon; hold the Peeps,
    I’d prefer a Green Tea Mint.
    Blessed Easter, dear Vicki:
    Last Supper made of lint?!

    Now, prithee do tell;
    Is your pseudonym Laura Bell?
    The laundry art, like you, moved from Michigan to Florida.
    (But I doubt if Laura knows that ravens form a murida.)

    Alas, your past sermon on Maundi Jeudi
    Sure beat reading something dirty.
    Feel free regarding your spiritual views upon us to pelt;
    But could you make Leonardo’s fresco out of felt?


  10. Praise Godzilla, you resurrected the photo!

    Peeps are yellow, pink, and green,
    Orange, violet, and blue;
    As I hold Peepasana,
    I’ll think of you.

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  12. love the pictures. a very cute blog. thanks for sharing!

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