Down by the dock of the bay

Our company left today- not really company, more like family. They didn’t want to go and we didn’t want them to leave but it’s back to snow, doctors and work for them. The week was wonderful. Much as I dislike the expression, I would say that some parts of it were down right magical.

(I get up every day and throw on whatever is close at hand and brush my teeth. Juanita, on the premise of “look good, feel better” looks lovely no matter how crummy she feels. Lexi says she is the most beautiful mommy in the world.)

(Lexi had an appointment at the Bibbidy Boppity Boutique. Being transformed into a princess is serious business.)

(Okay. It’s magical.)

For the rest, it was time spent relaxing, having some heart-to-hearts, sharing the love and living in the moment. Bittersweet time. At night, after it was quiet and dark, Rich and I would talk about what wonderful parents Chris and Juanita are, how delightfully charming and smart and quick Alexis is. She certainly is the center of their universe, rightly so, and impossibly easy to spoil because she is so polite, well-disciplined and exceptionally adaptive and well behaved. Always the conversation ended with big sighs and sadness that Juanita has to go through this. Chris wears a bracelet that says, “Save the ta-tas” and I want one. I want Juanita’s ta-tas to be saved more than anything.

Coming off the visit, Rich and I have been sort of listlessly spending the day working at business, laundry, things set aside for a few days. We took a break a bit ago to wander down to the bayou to see if the manatee were at the wall but they were still out a ways; we could see them breaching the surface but the tide was still a bit low. While we were looking for them I spotted this: the sad demise of my regular friend. For four years, this little green heron has been perched, without fail, on a dock rail close to the water, picking off the little minnows for dinner.  It looked as though he had been fish hooked with some line dragging around his neck. Very very irksome. I was ready to go at that point, all grumpy and sad, but then Rich spotted another familiar feathered friend, this Yellow Crowned Night Heron. Closer inspection says he may not be the same one I saw last year because I think this is a youngster, but I’m not sure.

Thinking about birds reminds me of my most recent felting folly. For whatever reason I thought I might felt some bird houses. Laugh. It’s okay. Rich says it looks like a Jimmy Durante muppet. I’m going to cheer myself up by working on a magpie palace tonight.

8 responses to “Down by the dock of the bay

  1. A wonderful time indeed for Lexi…magical memories she will hold for a long time to come. Prayers for Juanita and her entire family…for you too. It’s hard, isn’t it.

    So sorry for the dear bird…so glad to see that life does go on.

  2. Juanita is so beautiful and full of vitality. She and Alexis share the same incredible smile. What a family. My heart breaks for them. I wish them all the strength in the world and good health always.

    Also heartbroken over that green heron. We watched a dock person rescue a fishing-line snagged pelican a few years ago. I’m guessing no one was around when this guy met that fate, because good souls always try for the rescue. At least that’s what I tell myself.

  3. Oh I LOVE the birdhouse, but I do see the snouza (phonetic spelling) that makes him think of Jimmy D. Oh, you know you are getting old when you know who Jimmy D is and at least 75% of the rest of the population does not.

    Prayers still going up for your friend/family… such a lovely family too.

  4. A birdhouse? Is there NOTHING felt cannot do?
    Sweet stuff, this little girl and her family.
    I so want her Momma to be okay.

    Per your comment on PF, I just don’t know off the top of my head as to HOW cold pindos can go.
    There is this thing called GOOGLE you know.
    I think you are pushing it in NC, but what the heck! Toss it in a container so you can bring it in half the year.

    If seeds come my way this year (they usually do) I will save some for you!

  5. “We do not love people because they are beautiful, but they seem beautiful to us because we love them.”
    ~an old Russian proverb featured in Becky Reyher’s (illustrated by Ruth Gannett) retelling of the Russian folk tale, My Mother is the most Beautiful Woman in the World


  6. Alexis is a pretty one. I prefer her hair down and natural to tightly balled up – but I love the serious photo of her. I sure hope her mom will be okay.

    “Muppet” is the first thing I thought of when I saw the birdhouse. I love it!

    I’m so sorry about the heron.

  7. Juanita is so lovely! She positively glows. Oh how I hope for a happily ever after end to this story.

    AAARGH! The fishing line! I see it everywhere. Why are the fishers of this world so [bad word]-ing careless with it?

  8. Geraniums are red;
    Delphiniums are blue.
    I saw these slippers
    And thought of you.

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