My new best excuse

(This photo was taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and is not copyrighted. He is one of my all time favorite photographers and I also think he is an incredible steward of the earth, maybe the best. If you haven’t seen his work or you are not familiar with his, I highly recommend you check him out.)

Made up my mind. I am definitely going to keep up this blog, if for no other reason than to get Bonnie’s comments. And really, FC is right: FaceBook is sort of sucking the life blood out of some good blogs but there’s something lacking over there. It’s sort of promiscuous, a kind of cheap intimacy. (It ain’t pretty being easy, but sometimes I love it.) Also, it encourages those of us already challenged around editorial boundaries to just cut loose, not that I would ever do anything like recount my adventures with Bank of America, ala some bizarre impersonation of Robin Williams negotiating a mortgage.

Anyway, today I am coming clean and I have this new link for you: TANGLEDUPINWOOL.COM

I have been a busy feltmaker and I’m happy the site is up and launched, if not completely written, stocked, or padded out with all the bells and whistles I would like. I do hope you all will come visit me there. And for those of you chickens willing to cross the road? The first three to add a note at TUIW with your address will get a lovely surprise in the mail. (I promise not to share it with anyone, not even B of A)

And just to show you that I am, indeed, keeping up this blog that will no longer be all about things wool, guess who is back in the ‘hood? We thought he might have finally moved on, but two days ago I heard his call, went out and looked and there he was: Hannibal! Our old friend is back, perched next to his nest but I haven’t seen the missus yet this year. She usually arrives about a week later. That’s how Coopers stay mated for life, you know. She takes a separate vacation for a few months each year. I’ll keep you updated on their progress this season. Promise.

9 responses to “My new best excuse

  1. I left a comment over there before I knew I might get something. Now that’s dedication! Love the look of the new site (and your photo) and have bookmarked it.

    The hawk is splendid; I wish I’d know Mrs. Hannibal’ssecret years ago….lol

  2. Judy-You get something! Thanks for being my first visitor from here to there.

  3. The new site is lovely! It really makes me wish I had watched my grandmother more closely as she crocheted! Glad to hear you are going to continue here… I love Bonnie’s comments on your blog too!

  4. Hey, you. I love your new blog, even though it is totally intimidating, all that damn TALENT!

  5. I read that Coopers feed their womenfolk for up to a month before scoring. Sounds about right. My new favorite bird!

  6. I haven’t been there yet, and will remedy that soon.
    Hooray for Hannibal!

  7. I’m coveting the blue silk/felt scarf!
    (Wrapping one’s neck is most ayurvedic.)
    People would say: “Très chic et très beau!”
    I’d reply: “The divine Vicki made it!”

    You mention my comments; my heart’s aflutter.
    Our husbands golfed together; they like to putter.
    So today I will begin to chant ’til I holler:
    Hon, look at Vicki’s scarf! Can you spare 90 dollar?

    And then he will tease me, with jokes he will pelt,
    Like, “Wear nothing but that and you’ll deserve to be felt.”
    You have so much talent, you artist/writer, you!
    If only you had attended the great MSU.


  8. Hmmm, did I hear Bonnie just say she’s coveting blue? Maybe it’s because the U of M Wolverine basketball team is doing better than her beloved MSU Spartans.

    Did you see the dung beetle commercial during the SuperBowl? I was wondering if it might be Hoss.

  9. Denny and I always watch for hawks when we are on the road and it amazes us what they can manage to perch upon without falling off. Skinny little metal fence posts, the edges of highway signs, the highest, slimmest branch of a tall tree–they sit there so regally.

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