In our woods…

…there are so many acorns! Red oak, white oak, pin oak. The squirrels and bears spend hours digging through the leaves and eating the nuts but they leave a lot of very cool acorn tops. Inside I have lots of raw wool and silk and fiber dyes. And it’s very very pleasant to work in the kitchen, watch the birds, look at the mountains. These little hand-dyed silk bags have half a dozen large wool acorns with real tops and they are scented with either cinnamon or lavender essential oil so they are pretty nice to stash around the place- in or out of the bag. I hope they get a nod at the upcoming craft fair. I’m trying to make some items that are both nice and affordable; I’m also hand dyeing some silk gift bags with ties and silk tissue holders. What do you think?

12 responses to “In our woods…

  1. Oh my goodness. So sweet. I can almost smell them from here. Nice work. Wish I could attend the craft fair!

  2. Those are really cute and different, too. Not something you see everyone making.

  3. They look beautiful!! I could use a silk camera bag to carry in my purse!

  4. They are absolutely adorable! And so creative!

  5. “Whose woods these are I think I know”
    Said Robert Frost, but could he sew?

    Falling back in awe of your wonderfulness:
    Hava nagila; oy vay oy!
    I need a tissue from a little silk case,
    For your crafts bring me tears of joy!

    How much is that lavender acorn in the window? (Om! Om!)
    The one with the luscious silk pouch?
    How much is that cinnamon acorn in the window? (Om! Om!)
    Yogic, open hearts covet beauty whilst eschewing the slouch.

    My kiddos store their treasures in those green Ikea tubs!
    Under their beds, such bad feng shui, but great for greedy-grubs.

    Happy belated birthday! Happy belated Reformation!

    You have a silver fox on your property, you know.


  6. Beth Ann Choate

    I am thinking you should get a web-site up and running. I love textiles and I am always willing to support small local business!!!! (especially family)

  7. Or, sell items on Etsy. You don’t already, do you?

  8. How great would those acorns be in a fall-themed centerpiece? Or Christmas?

  9. Oh, I think they are wonderful. I hope you have some pine cones as well. Some wax and color and they make great firestarters. And they would look lovely in your silk bags.

    I love your woods. And I’m jealous. We have woods, but not long-range views like that. Life is definitely better in the mountains.

  10. Vicki's sister, Betsy

    Wouldn’t Mom love a pale rose-colored silk bag with some scented acorns for her drawer? She’d be so proud and impressed with all you’re doing. I miss having her to give gifts to, and I’m glad you liked your birthday ones!

    love, Bets

  11. Those acorns are neat!
    If you plant them, do you get fur trees?

    That’s felt humor.

    Ya feel it?

  12. What would it take for you to update or post?
    You’ve been gone longer than it took my pheasant to roast!

    Rise gracefully from your ischial tuberosities;
    Start tapping your wisdom on those laptop keys!

    Get up off of that 60 year old a**;
    I’ve already served my pheasant under glass!

    I’ve borrowed and begged, even cheered for your team?!
    What a waste; a SPARTAN Rose Bowl remains a pipe dream.

    Commence sharing your charmed life and your time so well-spent;
    Or, just post about B. Fuller, in time for Advent.

    For you:
    Gros bisous!

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