Playing with Purple

(It’s sunny and mild but still a bit blustery from that low pressure system. I couldn’t get these pansies to hold still for a sharp photo.)

Awfully quiet around here. It’s nice, now and again, to spend time with oneself. After a day or two I consider whether I’m good company or not or if the three-day rule will apply and I’ll start to stink. Doing okay so far. Feeding myself well, reading a couple of good books. Thunderstruck by Erik Larson is interesting although I wish Marconi would hurry up and get his wireless up and running once and for all.  The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga is really good but pretty gritty. I chose those because I’ve been invited to join a book club here on the mountain and I figure it would be good to actually read the chosen books rather than turn everyone to the dark side with poker and bonfires as happened with BCMA (Book Club My Ass). It was only a short slide from there to fiber obsessions and now we’re all tangled up with wool projects and too busy to read.

I’m completely tangled up with wool right now, getting ready for another craft fair. I guess it’s not nice to call them Arts and Crap Shows although probably accurate. You know what I mean; some really nice woodcarving, baskets, glass, wool and then a whole lot of bright red and green acrylic toilet paper covers. The other thing about these pre-holiday fairs is that it’s nice to have things that sell well at a certain price point and that’s usually less than something you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Still, my experience tells me that I need to pretty much give up on the money-making end of artistry; I’m currently earning about 1/75th of what I used to earn and I didn’t have all these material costs back then, at least once I’d paid off my student loans. But I’m having fun.

(I just had to look and see if eschewing is a word. It’s not.) Choosing to eschew the traditional red and green, I’m going purple, at least with this week’s projects. It’s a good color for pansies and it’s the color of Advent, which is still a long way off. That reminds me of this funny bit from Catalog Living Blog:

“Embarrassed by their premature arrival, Gary & Elaine’s decorative Christmas trees made their way upstairs to hide for another month.”

In any case, having to make all of this holiday stuff before Halloween is not my favorite creative thing but I’m on it with the scarves and mittens. Besides, I can re-purpose the wine bottles. I’m off to hike along the Blue Ridge and get some exercise while the sun is still out. Enjoy your weekend!

(These mittens seem better suited to a prosimian than primate h. sapiens. In the interest of evolution I think I’ll have to work a little gusset into them and lengthen the thumbs.)

6 responses to “Playing with Purple

  1. YES–completely agree on Thunderstruck. I kept thinking–oh come on already. Marconi seems not to have been a particularly nice guy. A spoiled Italian, as it turns out.

  2. So, how about a multicolored scarf and mittens for a kid who has underestimated how cold it really gets in the wintertime in Reno. How much will that set me back? I am getting her practical stuff like.. Walmart gift card and money.. stuff that won’t take up a lot of space in luggage that has to go back and such. But a little color would be nice. She has a bright red ski jacket that she loves and she loves the multi colored theme too. Serious… how much do these go for? You should start a mail order business.

  3. Roxanne, I will make a multi colored scarf and send you a photo and you can see if you like it. 🙂

  4. Love the purple!!

    I envy you your days alone on the mountain, and I wish I could have a week or two here by myself. I could blog and sleep and blog and sleep and hire someone to clean up after me…..LOL

  5. I get the biggest kick out of Catalog Living. Their captions are a work of art in my book.
    The one you posted was so funny. I kept looking at it and reading the caption going there in my head.

  6. Someone is a Farside fan.
    That caption is so Larsonesque!

    Purple is Em’s favorite color.

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