The weather is here and the men are beautiful


This delightful couple own and run the best butcher shop in Monte San Savino. It’s barely big enough for 4 or 5 customers and everybody is smiling and laughing and chatting. They’ve only been married for one week and he was happy to learn the word “newlyweds”; he told the next local couple in that they were “nooolywoods”.He is very very proud of his meat. Here he shows Rich his certificate from the Guiness Book of World Records that he received in June for making the world’s longest porchetta, a pork sausage of 147 feet and displayed under a 2 block long tent during some agricultural event here in San Savino. I don’t know if there is any relationship between this and his nooolywood status but in any case he was wonderfully cheerful and friendly. We bought a small roasted pollo from him for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, here are our purchases from the little shops we visited this morning. We bought the chicken, which pleased our resident cat greatly and it was herbilicious, we bought some little roma tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, four cookies, some bread, a ball of sautéed spinach (for some reason we’ve become consummate spinach devotees here in Italy) some little cheese croquettes and because it is a cool autumn sort of day, we shared some warm stracciatella soup which is a lovely sort of pasta variation of egg drop soup. You can also see that I found some little souvenirs: some Italian yarn, a baby hat wrapped up as pretty as can be and a gift box of Tuscan lavender soaps.Mushrooms are big here in Tuscany, both literally and figuratively. I’m not nuts about mushrooms but I have a feeling that if I lived here I would be incorporating them into my cuisine in short order. This is a large parasol mushroom; there are porcini in the box in front of me.

Spend, spend, spend. Actually we are doing quite well, buying in bits and pieces. All of our luncheon foods came to 13 euros or just under 18 dollars and we still have more than half of it left for a picnic tomorrow when we drive to Pisa. 5 skeins of fine Italian wool yarn plus a spool of silk embroidery thread was about 26.00, much better than at home. The beautiful baby hat was 8.00 and the soap 16.00 for 12 bars.

Our apartment here in a converted stone barn from the 1700s has a large main kitchen room, a big bedroom and a very large modern bathroom and several terraces. It comes complete with 2 cats and a swimming pool and the estate bottled Chianti and pressed olive oil; you can read all of the details here. We are paying about 90.00/night and will stay here until we head to Florence next week. The only reason I detail the expenditures is by way of saying I think you can have an amazing adventure here for around two hundred dollars a day- a lot in terms of the general state of the economy but not so very much for this special trip. Okay, enough about money.

Tomorrow, we will head


6 responses to “The weather is here and the men are beautiful

  1. Bellemissio(sp)

  2. Where? You forgot the where? Teasing us to come back?
    Pisa…. you can do Pisa or at least the main parts in one day. The leaning tower is open… Nyssa went to to top… Stephen and I did not. I expect to see the “illusion” picture here. Have Rich stand in the field next to the tower and pose as if he is holding it up… it CAN be done! 🙂

  3. WHERE????? Don’t leave us hangin’! Good Lord!

  4. I know of another blogger who went to Pisa yesterday!! She’s from CA, but lives in Italy now.

    You make me hungry!! Lunch looks very satisfying.

  5. I almost missed this post. Two in one day! A record! Oh, such a lovely adventure. It is a perfect place for a honeymoon. And you are wearing a coat! Even better that it is cool and not hot. Says the woman who just came in all sweaty from feeding the horses.

  6. I am pondering this: Where did you get the willpower to only buy 4 cookies? Do you possess that much willpower when it comes to wool? Hmm?

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