It’s a long way to Tipperary

We’re too tired for words so it’s good it’s Wordless Wednesday.

Did you know people come immediately if you post an ad for clean moving materials on Craig’s list? 243 down, about 30 to go…

Deceptively calm. Settling one room at a time, you should see the other five…Wired and working. I’m a Mac and he’s a PC. So far, we like sharing a large office. The garden planted in April waits for no woman

I unearth the old Mehu-Maija that took up two whole packing boxes.

And add tomato sauce to the wineberry and blackberry jam.

Taking out the trash is a bit of an ordeal here in the mountains with a quarter mile drive. I had to use the telephoto for this blurry shot. Sad old Mr. Fox doesn’t make it past our first official garbage pick-up. Wait. Garbage day is on…Thursday. How did I miss Wednesday?

9 responses to “It’s a long way to Tipperary

  1. You might need to do what my cousin did to haul trash to the road – she bought a golf cart!

    If I were your trash man, and I saw a fox sticking out of the can, I might drive right past !!

    So far, the house looks nice!!

  2. God, that kitchen!
    Beautiful, it’s all so shiny!

    Amazing produce productivity too!

  3. Overachieve much?

    Rich gets foxy!


  4. Ahh, love that mountain colored tile. Glad Rich is there to haul the garbage can to the road. I bet someone fished Mr. Fox out before the trash man even got there. Can’t wait to see it all in person. How’s the jam taste?

  5. Should have included Mr. Fox with the Craigslist stuff–I’m sure he would have been recycled to someone else’s home.

    Not sure what a Mehu-Maija is, but now I’m hungry for a BLT sandwich and here in Washington tomatoes are nowhere near being in season yet. I surely need some cheese with my whine….

  6. I love the view out the office window.

    I applaud you for throwing out Mr. Fox. When I get back from the beach I am throwing out EVERYTHING I OWN.

    Also, I am going to make jam and can tomato sauce just like you. And learn how to felt. Wait, scratch that last item.


  7. You’ve done a tremendous amount of work in just a few unpacking days! What we can see looks wonderful.

  8. Now, how would I ever get any work done with that view?
    As for Mr. Fox…. I think the trash men will do a double take with that one!

  9. The place looks amazing. You two are working HARD! I’m so very excited to get out there for a visit, as I’m quite certain all of your friends are. What a gorgeous slice of heaven.

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