Wineberries, Watermelons and Webs, Oh, My!

Cathy here.  Just guest editing for Vicki who is celebrating her freedom by racing down the mountain to pick wineberries before it gets too hot.  She asks that you send her any recipes that involve wineberries.  I am sure she would also like recipes for wine, too. 

Here is what she has to say in response to my “I’m worried about you” e-mail.

I’m okay, fine in fact. Just more physically exhausted than ever in my life and dealing with more adaptations than ever before. In my one little room, the only one with power here on the mountain, at night it is fearfully dark and my little penlight flashlight doesn’t put a dent in it. I’m marking my territory like a blind person- at the front door, three steps down, then heel to toe for four steps, one more step down, then heel to toe for three, one step up, and so forth.

If I leave a light on in my little room when I go out in the world, all of God’s six leggeds come running and a few eight legged ones follow them for dinner. No real screens yet- just temporary sliding flimsy ones and the internet cable comes in there too so there’s a gap in the screens.  It amazes me what finds it’s way in.

Tonight, I went to the neighbors to wash clothes and make eighty deviled eggs as my contribution to the neighborhood July 4th party.  I dropped my phone under the car while carrying everything and had to crawl around in the VERY dirty drive full of nails, paint rinse water, etc to find it right after taking a shower. Showers are still cold but that’s okay because after six hours in the garden a cold shower is good. I have to go fetch the 400 ft extension cord from the garage where it’s hitched during the day to the power table saw so I can plug in my water pik and at least feel as though my mouth is clean. The deck was power washed and sealed today.  It looks beautiful, but I must stay off it for two days,  All the outdoor chairs, table and all of my house plants are just sort of higgle piggle in the lawn, gathering daddy long legs. If all my wool hasn’t congealed into a giant sawdusty single wad of humidified felt I’ll be simply astonished…and so it goes.

Every night I fall into bed and am instantly asleep, wake about 3 am in the pitch black with nothing to do but soul search. I’m woefully lacking in cats and husband at that hour…
Am I okay? I really and truly am. This is quite an adventure .  I am so focused on the prize that every single day I wake up feeling blessed and ready to tackle the endless list of decisions, chores and rearranging. The garden is very, very pleasing to me. After I work for several hours I sit on one of my big rocks I plopped in the shady corner of the garden and aim the hose at every single plant individually. That takes about 35 minutes, and it’s one of my favorite things. My guys bring me homemade Mexican for lunch every day, and at night, I eat crackers and cheese and peanut butter and cherry tomatoes from the garden. I bought the guys a dozen chicken breasts and 5 pounds of skirt steak to take home the other day because they are so nice about sharing hot lunch with me.
I feel very blessed.  Pray that I live long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor for years commensurate to this effort, and can’t wait for Rich, the kids and the cats to come to me.   All in due time. Two weeks from today they are to be done, and from where I sit here on my twin mattress I have my doubts.  But, the moving van comes Monday the 19th, the professional cleaning crew on the 17th, so on the 16th they must be done. Now THAT is worth praying about.
 Have a great 4th of July and say an extra little prayer for  Robin’s Roger (NewDharmaBums). Do me  favor and post my blog for me…yawn. Sorry to be so out of touch. Love you all!  

11 responses to “Wineberries, Watermelons and Webs, Oh, My!

  1. I’m sorry you’re out of touch, too, but it’s nice to get a catch-up post! Don’t let the spiders run you out of there…

    I’ve never heard of wineberries – so I can’t help.

  2. What the hell is a “wine berry” ?

    Sounds fruity to me.

    Is this some hoity toity name for a blackberry?

    Enjoy your camping trip, only two weeks to go!

  3. Uh, oh! FC is not going to like wineberries as they are non natives adn invasive.

  4. Wineberries are rampant here in the suburbs of DC. I will look for recipes.

    Vicki, I miss you, but I am thrilled by the tales of your toils in the mountains. I can’t wait to come and see you. You WILL invite me, yes?

    Good job, guest editor!

  5. Sounds like quite an adventure, Miss Vick! I am in awe! Thanks for the update…

  6. I think you need some of those neck bandanas that you put in water and then wrap around to cool you off….. of course, so do I. Ha. We had three days of cool weather.. or rather cooler and dry weather… and now… currently 96 and humidity is on the way up.

  7. Be careful in the garden. I had a doctor’s visit and they found a tic on me. Have no idea where it came from but I can only imagine the bugs you might find, or who might find you, in the virgin wilds of North Carolina.

    Anyhoo, wanted to say that I FINALLY caught Nomo’s act live at the Top of the Park. Not quite what I expected. Their music is hard to categorize but they certainly have fans. Hardly an empty seat there.

  8. Rubusphoenicolasius! Open your calyx and expose your fruit!

    Cook 10 cups of wineberries in 1 cup of water until the berries fall apart. Strain the juice through a jelly bag, extracting as much of the liquid as possible without forcing the pulp through the cloth.

    This will yield about 5 cups of berry juice, to which you will add 1 box of Sure-Jell. Bring the combination to a boil, and add 5 cups of sugar to the brew.

    Reheat the remaining liquid to a gentle boil before you pour it into sterilized jars. Seal the containers with canning lids and submerge the jelly-filled jars in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Send to your dearest, old blogging friends.

    Salmonberries are pink,
    Huckleberries are blue;
    As I diet on wineberries,
    I’ll think (hiccough!) of you.

    Your watermelon reminds me of Frida Kahlo. It’s her B-day!


  9. Nice to know that you being MIA is simple frazzlement.

    That dedication to watering each individual plant should result in some luscious produce. The thing Denny and I miss most about being on the road is having access to good homegrown tomatoes–none of this hydroponic crap or hothouse tomatoes.

  10. I saw your post a few days ago, but I didn’t read it all. My goodness, I guess you will be glad when this is all done. Too much of being alone would certainly get to me.

    I hope you’ve had cooler weather in the mountains. At least it has been cooler here in Florida than in most places “up north.”

  11. So good to hear from you. Prayers to you and visa versa please.

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