Party house!

With tile setters from Italy and painters from Mexico can you imagine where their heads are this weekend? But everyone is working right through the weekend in an effort to get me into the house asap so there’s a rumor afoot that there’s scheming to get in a television to watch the World Cup and- a pig roast! These guys are a wonderful crew and they make me smile. A few more photos and then I’m running back over to finish up working on the garden before good friend Kristen shows up for the weekend. I’m taking the weekend off from the yard so we can go to the River Arts Studio Walk here in Asheville and sit on my new deck and (yes, Marion, other Vicki and Ken)- eat cheese and drink wine. Found a new local source for artisanal cheese, one with curry. Yum!

In answer to the question, the oil fuel furnace is history. We are moving to electricity with a propane “boost” back-up. The entire HVAC system is now in the attic with the pump nestled in the hydrangeas at the corner of the house. This clears the walk out basement of all duct work and the furnace so my new studio space has been sheet rocked and is about to be painted and tiled, with a sink, stainless steel raised counters and recycled cabinets from the old kitchen- the perfect place for felting and fiber arts workshops! The electric will serve us in all but the extreme cold (when we will likely be in Florida) but the propane, which I needed for the kitchen in any case) will kick in if absolutely necessary. And, of course, we have a big wood burning fireplace and enough wood for several life cabinets…

new tile…

new screen porch for the kitties. We’ve decided that this is not a safe place for them to roam, between coyotes and copperheads. Sophie, especially, is curious enough to stick her little head in a hole or see what comes out at dark so we are transitioning them to the life of indoor living. It seemed as if the least we could do is give them a breezy view to the wilderness.

By tonight I’ll have photos of those cabinets and that tile in place.

10 responses to “Party house!

  1. And how does the breezy temperature go there?
    It is just June and already I am to hot…hot…hot.
    I love the trees.
    It turns out that a majority of the plants I really love for color and texture are really shade plants at heart.
    But, I have news!!!!! I see a caterpillar on my fennel plant…. just chomping away…. and two new varieties of butterflies that I haven’t seen before in our yard…. oh, and the bluebirds have come back to have another group of babies!!

    Mr. Rhett would be out with Sophie poking his head and nose into anything he can get a hold of. Copperheads… boo! Really, he does miss his sister so much more than I ever dreamed he would.

  2. I can’t imagine all that you are going through – I’d be a veritable sea of indecision. You seem to not only handle it well, you are apparently thriving on it!!

    For future reference – I love curry! lol

  3. I am almost speechless. It looks as though you have practically built a whole house.
    The cabinets look very familiar in style–we too got “portrait” fronts, that wonderful simple frame look.
    I can’t wait to see pics of the tile.
    After all the hard work, you certainly deserve an evening with good friends, wine and cheese.

  4. I can’t wait to see the “before” and “after” photographs. Wine and cheese on the deck sounds like a great end to the weekend.

  5. Coyotes and copperheads? Oh, my. No mountain lions though, I assume. That would be the deal-breaker for a city-dweller like myself.

    Hydrangeas . . . aren’t they where Donna Reed hid naked when she lost her robe in It’s a Wonderful Life?



  7. Good call on the cats. They’ll adjust, I’m sure, but I bet they’ll make unhappy noises for a month or two.

  8. I agree that the cat screened room will be great. My daughter has 4 indoor cats and they really appreciate a screened porch. They love watching lizards. I am eager to see the finished rooms too. Happy weekend.

  9. My ladder is bigger than theirs.

    Unhappy cat noises for a month Miz S?
    Waterboard me.

  10. Where are photos? Did you get lost on the parkway? Eat too much at Docs? Go shopping at Woolworth Center for artwork? Hmm. Get some photos posted on this blog, woman!

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