The short version

I’m going to try to catch up with a longer post and more photos tonight because lots is happening and it’s very interesting, at least to me, and I want to journal it as the days go by but there’s so little time! I’ve fallen into a routine during my days here on the mountain and it feels good and healthy. I wake up early, eat a light breakfast (a meal I’ve skipped for the past decade) pack up my water and tea bottles and head over to my garden. There I work in peace, listening to the birds and nothing but. It’s absolutely quiet up here and from the house I can’t see any other house so I feel very much alone. And it’s wonderful. Around nine o’clock I hear a truck and it’s the construction crew; they tend to work well into the evening, around 730, so I like their schedule. Big things are happening just in a few short days- since the house was snugged up last week and passed all electrical, plumbing and mechanical inspections the interior work has begun and it’s a flurry of sheetrock artists, tile setters and today, (wait for it…) cabinet installers. So today I passed on early gardening so I wouldn’t look like a filthy troll for the big 830 convening of kitchen people. Off I go…

(Mario did. Gracias)

What is this? This is us, moving away from dependence on fossil fuels. The oil tank has been removed and as soon as the exterior is painted I’ll plant some lovely specimen hydrangea and native wild flowers.


10 responses to “The short version

  1. That wall of windows is wonderful (but I’m glad I won’t have to clean them)

    I have never gone through a major renovation (or even a small one) and I’m not sure I have the temperament for it. I certainly know I don’t have the moolah for it!! LOL

  2. I love the room with all the windows! All that light will be wonderful.

  3. I think I would smile every time I walked into that room with all the windows. What’s the view from there? The garden? The mountains? Both?

  4. Great views…. I am so envious. Here I have so many plants I would love to try (even my pumpkins) and not nearly enough space… even though the space I have will likely kill me.

  5. Any and all photos are a pleasure to view. Love seeing the progress and am getting inspired to get going on our kitchen re-do. But have to wait until house guests visit is over.

  6. Tell me more about the oil tank? How are you going to be heating the house?

  7. Ohhhh, pretty. And just as you had hoped it would look. Now, what color is the exterior going to be. Hmmm?

  8. I too am curious: what replaces the oil tank? It is so complicated. Oil, natural gas, electricity, wood–all have drawbacks. Sweaters layered on, and shivering–now that works.

  9. OK, it is now evening. Where is the long version?

  10. Gorgeous . . . gorgeous . . . gorgeous! I second Donna’s question. We use propane to heat at our house and supplement it with wood in our woodstove. Definite drawbacks but living in a forest, we felt that wood was a good choice for us.

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