Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day

Whenever a day rolls around, about once every 8 months, when I don’t have something to do I get very antsy about everything I have to do that day. That’s because, the one day when I don’t have anything to do is invariably the day I need to catch up on a thousand things I’ve put off doing on all those other too busy days. You follow? Today, Monday, is just such a day and I’m sitting here all anxious and stewing because I have nothing to do today and should really get started.

Likewise, when about ten days pass over here without an update, I get increasingly anxious and by  2 weeks I stop even dropping by because there’s nothing happening but I have about a thousand things I could catch up on in a blog post. But I’m not going to. Briefly-

Since last we talked, I’ve been to the mountain house twice more and it’s almost a home. I am like Lookin At Lucky in the gate to get there. I should be gardening right this minute instead of doing this. Abby loaned me Misha for a couple of days and he kindly helped load a UHaul with the IKEA innards to our new closets there, plants, wool, the Frank Lloyd Wright dining table and Rich’s motorcycle. Then he drove it north and unpacked it all into a onsite storage thingie because we are in the sheet rock phase of construction when there is dust,dust,dust and more dust. I met with the electrician over lighting details- where we need them and what kind (as long as we seem to be redoing the whole place it’s a good time to put lighting over Rich’s desk area, small spots in the hallway for art, etc.), picked out a chunk-o-granite for the guest bath, carpet for the master bedroom-the only room that will be carpeted- and made other flooring choices: cork, slate, tile. Then we turned around and raced back here. The best part of this last trip was the car trip back, learning a bit more about Misha and his life back in Russia, BA (before Abby). He’s a fairly quiet guy and I appreciate that. He generally doesn’t chatter and if he doesn’t have something to say, well, he doesn’t just fill the airwaves. But we had some good talk time in the car.

Okay, I don’t want to write about this anymore until I can be there for good and that should be in a couple of weeks. I did order the radio signal wi-fi installation for June 1, so I do have plans to continue on about house things then.

Let’s see, what else? I’ve taught some more workshops and decided once and for all that I need to neatly sever felting business from personal ramblings so today, with nothing to do, one of the things on my list is to lay claim to my felt weblog name I’ve been holding for a year now and design that site. I’m loving teaching, doing it more and more and stretching out into silk fusion and some mixed media classes. I’m hopeful I’ll find an inroad into that community of fiber artists in Asheville.

Everyone around here is fine, knock wood. Abby is excited about going to Duke but first she is going to Mexico this summer. The musician is happy with his art teacher. Rich is busier than ever with work and fast pitch old guys baseball. That is a very big deal here in St. Petersburg, complete with some Hall of Famers. The Half-Century league, aka Boys of Winter, have been playing for 78 years. Babe Ruth used to watch them play when he was here for spring training. And if you’re on the Half-Century League you just live to, well, live to the Kids and Cubs League. You can’t join that until you’re 75. In the meantime, Rich comes home from games and practices covered with massive bruises that cause me great concern, especially given the state of our personal health insurance- which, once COBRA runs out, will be non-existent and we will have to divorce and go off and marry Canadians. Don’t get me started. Before that happens, we will go for our long postponed honeymoon to Italy in October and stay here at La Frateria and Mondo X. What do you think? Good?

(With nothing and everything to do today, I should take up golfing. Except it’s raining hard today. Rich, without fail, sends me phone photos from the golf course of the most wonderful birds. I know what these babies are. Do you?)

While I can’t get anything much posted up here, my good friend Ken is lighting out across Death Valley today in his scooter trip across America to raise money for the little school in Ecuador. If you haven’t been keeping up on the Scooter Diaries you have been seriously missing out- now THAT is a blog worth reading. Get out of here and go check out Ken’s adventures. I’ll let you know when there’s something worth reading here.(I donated for Ken’s Death Valley/Bakersfield stretch but he best not run out of gas because I am NOT going to be part of a search party…in Bakersfield)

11 responses to “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day

  1. Great catching up with you, vicki, and good to know everything is rolling along. I’ve never seen any baby birds like those little cuties you have here. Makes me think they must be little Sandhill Cranes. They are adorable, whoever they are!

  2. Are they Ibis? It is a tall bird no doubt…

  3. PS The convent retreat of St. Francis looks so peaceful and beautiful and amazing! I have visited near there and loved it.

  4. Quit loafing.

  5. I love catching up too; I always wonder about you when you are absent these here interwebs.

    It’s nice you got to spend some time with son-in-law; I love mine and hope you do yours.
    Can’t wait to see the house pictures and the web-site, have no clue what the birds are.

  6. Nice to hear from you…I would think sandhill cranes too. I know they are not ibis.

  7. We missed you. I missed you. Post even when you have nothing to say, because what you say even when it is nothing is always entertaining. Ken, however, is making me nuts because when he doesn’t post, I picture him laying at the bottom of a cliff with Scoot on top of him and I get quite anxious. I didn’t kill anyone at work today, but I have plans so will you come down and help me hide the bodies?

  8. Always glad to see an update from you and I’m looking forward to pictures from the new house. Golf course in Florida? Got to be sandhill cranes–that’s where I saw some for the first time.

  9. I don’t know about the birds… here we are up to our necks in baby Canada geese.

  10. Ah–I was thinking baby ostriches, until I read “sandhills.” Hope you plan to confirm the correct guess. Or will you be too busy picking paint, kitchen tile, etc?

  11. They’re birds. Looks like they’re getting ready to do some type of cheer, or a soft shoe routine (ok, whatever the equivalent is for birds’ feet). Glad to hear the family is all well and being productive. My number two son here just finished his first year at Cornell working on his Master’s and scored three A’s, which means he gets to keep his fellowship. Woo hoo! Now he needs to score an internship in DC for the fall.

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