Pigs in slop

Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserve; it is life’s undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room.  ~Harriet Beecher Stowe

Well, we are in the thick of this building nonsense now and if ever there is a time for second guessing, it’s probably at this point. As my friend (and not just because her name is also Vicki) and I have been driving back and forth up the beautiful winding road that leads to my mountain home I find myself thinking, ” WHAT was I thinking???” It’s just as well that Rich is back in Florida hard at work because now is the time when the budget has gone to hell, the ground is littered with nails, cigarette butts, torn roof shingles and I loathe (LOATHE) Sears, Lowes and Home Depot.

Cash for Clunkers, the appliance version, starts the morning of April 22 and for one brief second in time the State of North Carolina will give me a 15% rebate on the refrigerator of my dreams in exchange for the rusty old one. Lowe’s will throw in an extra 10% and when you’re eyeballing an engineering marvel of a french door, cabinet depth model that 25% amounts to something. But already there are too many folks lined up and the allocated funds won’t stretch that far.My friends come and sit in this swing and take in the view. They are patient and helpful and glad this isn’t THEIR project. Today, Vicki and I hung my first bird feeder here in this home. I need many more. Maybe a hummingbird feeder tomorrow.

The plantlets survived the drive north better than we did. It should have occurred to one or the other of us that Saturday was the day when 90% of the country would empty out of Florida after Spring Break. I-95 was a literal parking lot from the moment we got on it near Jacksonville. In Georgia we saved time by taking a scenic tour along the coast with a view of  Jekyll and St. Simon’s islands. The South Carolina Welcome Center had set up a satellite women’s restroom with cars lined up on the freeway waiting to use it.

I am here, in the midst of mayhem, waiting to set out my feeble little homegrown garden plants- as though they don’t sell already vigorous ones here and I’m thinking, “what was I thinking when I invested all those hours in planting seeds in Florida and then I laboriously packed them tight into the car and now I arrive here and it’s still two or three weeks to early to safely plant them?”  The garden is not yet rototilled; hell, there’s still a massive tree hanging over it that was uprooted during the last ice storm and who has a chain saw, anyway? It’s off to Lowe’s again and can you say, “Money pit”? And by the way, there’s no water to the garden. Fortunately, the little creek on the property is flowing and I have a bucket; unfortunately, at 59, I am surprised to discover that carrying 5 gallon pails of water uphill is not the easy task it was 10 years ago when I undertook my last major landscape overhaul.

I’m finding that when I have many choice views, it’s helpful to make the right choice.

Down our road, at Hickory Gap Farm, the piggies are loving this glorious Spring.

13 responses to “Pigs in slop

  1. Despite all the complications and the (inevitable) discovery of the money pit – I am sure you will love it when it is all finished and the bad parts of the renovation (like birthing labor) will have disappeared deep into the recesses of your mind. You will be as happy as a pig in slop, as I will be if I can sit in that swing with you someday.

  2. I knew that there were daffodils down by the creek. Ah, it will all be worth it in the end. Those piggies look a might sunburned! Wish I was there!

  3. Too funny. I was at Cal Poly State University this morning looking at pigs. They weren’t enjoying the spring weather but they were just as adorably ugly as yours!

  4. Home’s a dressing room, eh? And what would we find?
    Teenaged boys roaming in boxers to cover a behind?
    Such callapygian sightings put me in a bind:
    When I asked to see “more” of them, t’is not what I had in mind!

    What do you imagine good friends are for?
    To write witty posts that do not prove a boar.

    Johnny on the Spot? Oh f__k it!
    In these parts that is a Honey Bucket.


  5. Our Bonnie is popping up everywhere these days!

    Of COURSE you left Florida on a prime travel day. Of COURSE there is a tree hanging over the garden. Of COURSE the budget is shot to hell. God forbid these projects should proceed without snags. And yet somehow it will all get done. Perhaps Cathy S. and Kenju and I will sit together on that swing someday.

  6. And the fun is just beginning! I do hope you will get the French door fridge with the ice maker in the door and freezer on the bottom. I just love mine and it’s well worth every penny. And the hummingbirds have finally arrived.

    I can’t wait to see the progress. You’re gonna love it here in the mountains.

  7. I love reading this and am glad that it is you doing all this work and not me. It will be worth it all. I recently bought a refrigerator with French doors. The ice maker does take a little of the refrigerator space, but, oh well. Mine isn’t flush with my cabinets, but that’s o.k.

    I love those piggies. I love that expression…as happy as pigs in slop. Enjoy your days. I know you’re loving every minute of it. I’d like to sit in the swing with all your friends too.

  8. Good golly what a mess.
    This too shall pass.

    Fine pigs.

    Way to kick me off the swing, Miz S.

  9. Sounds like quite a project you’ve got going there, Vicki. Multi-leveled, multi-dimensional, electronic extravaganzas and that’s just the kitchen! It’s so much fun building the house of your dreams. Work too, but fun, really fun.

  10. Really, Vicki, doing things the easy way is soooo uninteresting, and the right fridge is worth the hassle. It’s like finding the right purse: worth all the grief once it’s yours.

  11. You’ve got hummingbirds? I think you need one of these to help you enjoy them more. Glamorous, no?

  12. Leslie- the second I saw your comment I started laughing because I knew what it would be. You and I share a love of Regretsy, among other things. 😉

  13. Alas, I too was kicked off the swing. So sad. This will all be done in due time, Vicki. And it will be so amazing and beautiful. I wish I was there hauling those water buckets with you. 🙂

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