Linky Goodness, for better and worse

I’m in a rush today because I have a workshop of too many women to teach tomorrow. It will be nuno felting, wool on silk, a skill that requires a certain “touch” more than anything else, so there’s a learning curve that can be hard to gratify in less than 4 hours. Times eight. Ah, me. But I enjoy teaching so it will be a fun challenge.

Lots and lots of stuff drops unannounced and often times, unwelcome into my online mail box (I’m managing to circumvent a fair amount of hard copy mail by moving around; hopefully by the time we move to Asheville a walk down to the mailbox will result in a piece or two of meaningful mail, rather than 12 trees worth of junk.) During the past week several good things have come across this virtual desk and I wanted to share them with you.

First up (and funniest to me, you may well have seen it), FC over at Pure Florida posted something about his manly man and barely Bear successful fix of the refrigerator door. I, personally, used to love the SNL skit with the  superhero “Middle-Aged Man” who donned his cape and flew around the neighborhood with his pot belly and spectacles armed with every owners manual known to mankind. Me, who never reads directions and dumps those asap. Anyway, speaking of manly men, this ad is winning awards right and left in the media marketing world (of which we know something in this household).

In the “Awwww, unbelievably cute and endearing wildlife department” is this, again from the Brits and National Geographic. (Remember the thermal imaging of the arctic owl hunting that I shared with some of you? Those folks.) All I know is that to be this happy, you are a creature of God and discussions about my relative godlessness aside, I want to come back as one of these guys.

Finally, in the no news is bad news department- brace yourselves. I know I’ve been bracing myself since this incident originally happened and I wrote about it. Spirit, our resident bald eagle at Boyd Hill has-had- been making a remarkable recovery from a broken leg, complete with titanium pins. Truly, for a 24 year old bird, it was simply stunning what was happening, between her true Spirit and the care, skill and love of many rehabbers from here to Alaska. The last two days have not been good. We got her out into her own new mews, with perches a mere 8 inches off the ground and she seemed well and recovering right through Monday when she ate a full diet,  had normal mutes (poop) and horked a healthy cast (pellet). Tuesday morning found her curled and unresponsive in the corner of the mew and she has been in intensive care and guarded condition ever since. She is back with our incredibly gifted, kind and wonderful avian vet who is nourishing her, sedating her and giving her appropriate medication but still, she has had seizures and is not very responsive. Personally, the moment I heard about the break I thought, “That is too much for that old gal. Too much trauma, too much handling, too much anesthesia, too much surgery…” and my heart both broke and braced itself back then. Then I allowed myself to hope for the past couple of weeks but still…I am now back in brace mode. I haven’t gotten this morning’s update yet but I can barely write the end of this post, as it is. I love that bird. A whacky, whimsical, graceful, magnificent creature who greeted me with head thrown back and the high-pitched warble of the American Bald Eagle each and every time she saw me or heard my voice. I haven’t cared one whit that our relationship is based on either the hand that feeds her mullet or the copacetic bright white pate that we share; I love her and she has been my friend. How lucky can a person be to have a bald eagle in their circle of close and good friends. And so, my final link this morning is to Wren, who shares some photos of Spirit in better form, including one of my better photos of her. I’ll keep you posted.

Okay, now that you have been on a roller coaster of emotions (in short, the way my brain works constantly), you  may continue your day. TGIF.

14 responses to “Linky Goodness, for better and worse

  1. Oh, Vicki … my heart is breaking as I read this. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

  2. Excellent links, and I am really sorry to hear about Spirit. I know how much she has meant to you. I hope she will recover.

    The first ad cracks me up. The video I have seen about 5 times and I love it more each time I see it. To me, it is evidence of a former (past life) relationship between those two, and no one could make me believe any differently. It brings joy to my heart.

  3. Ah Vicki, I’m so sorry. I think eagles are magnificent creatures and the few times I’ve seen them in the wild I’m like a child, mad with excitement.

  4. If all the love in all the world could keep Spirit alive, then she’d live forever. I’m sending my best loving good wishes to her, and hope they’ll add to the sum of love that will buoy her and gently take her into whatever direction she’s headed.

  5. Thank goodness you mixed the videos–the manly man and the WONDERFUL orang–in with your other news.
    I too love orangs–when my husband (who once had red hair, now turned silver–was teaching, his students named him Mr. Orangutan, because of the hair (I hope). But that video is priceless.

    Oh, poor Spirit–I can only hope for the best for Spirit–whether that means staying with us here in this earthbound world, or flying into the next unfettered spirit-free world. The only comfort in all this is that you all have done the most for her that can be done–the rest lies with the Great Spirit.

  6. My eyes are filled with tears. I just came over from Wren’s blog where I read about Spirit, only to hear this unfortunate news. I am so bummed! I hope she rallies, I truly do! She’s a beautiful bird and has received such wonderful care. ~karen

  7. Poor Spirit. I hope she pulls through. If she does not, it won’t be for a want of dedicated people helping her.
    That keeps me hopeful for our species.

    That Old Spice ad is a winner! I love the clever humor and the way they are transforming our Grandfather’s fuddy duddy cologne into something new and sexy … even if it smells the same.

  8. Oh Vicki… I have seen two bald eagles flying over our house today… the first in many days… so beautiful… I do wish Spirit well.

  9. I’m so sorry Vicki. I’ve seen close up the love you and Spirit shared, and as I posted back in August, I was amazed at the way she greeted you. I too have a few pictures of a healthier Spirit. You’ve been very blessed to have such an amazing animal for a friend. And I feel very blessed to have crossed your path. Be well my friend.

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  11. Duude, to love birds is to have your heart broken all the time. I’m wondering if amputation might help her? Broken bones take a lot out of you. The oldest bald eagle in captivity was 47 years old so she might have a lot of fight left in her.

  12. Oh dear. Poor Spirit. I hope your avian vet can pull off another miracle, but I gotta say it doesn’t sound good.

  13. Sorry to hear about the eagle. Love that video of the Orangutan and the hound, though – I hadn’t seen it before.

    That Old Spice ad is hilarious… it’s the “I’m on a horse” that really makes the whole thing perfect.

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