Country roads, take me home

…to the place with no bathroom. Or kitchen. Cathy and I are here in the Blue Ridge, poring over tile, cork, glass, stone, wood and blueprints as work begins on the kitchen, bath and bedroom renovation of Rich’s and my mountain home. It’s a lot more fun having Cathy along than Rich for this part of the trip; I know for certain Rich would not have the patience to spend hours at the tile store and then go back repeatedly while I obsess further. The thing is, this one needs to be just right.(You have to be nuts to design a kitchen around drawer pulls.)

The budget for this renovation has it’s origins back at my little lake cottage in Michigan, Wit’s End. When that had to be sold as we moved to Chicago, proceeds were set aside for this last house, our final home, my dream kitchen.

(Cathy basks in the late winter sun- a novelty for this Florida girl- while I spend money. She’s getting vicarious pleasure out of appliance shopping but not without some refrigerator envy.)

Although demolition is done, we’re already two weeks behind schedule because of the snow and ice so I may have to camp out and use the portajohn come May. I WILL plant my first kitchen garden here this year.(Is it too soon to dump a load of manure in there?)

For now, I choose colors- the kitchen, the color of the mountains, one bathroom like autumn, the master bath with some iridescent and brilliant Spring green tile.

Windows. How big, how many can we incorporate on the west side? Heating and cooling: if I’m going to be hot or cold at this stage in my life it’s on a beach or mountain hike but not in the comfort of my home. And it has to be clean, green and energy efficient. There’s a lot to consider here. Not the least of which is the view.


14 responses to “Country roads, take me home

  1. Just getting out of a much smaller renovation and having done one years ago in MS… well, I really do not envy you!!!! Love the colors though!

  2. I can’t wait to see the kitchen designed around those beautiful drawer pulls. And the tile? OMG gorgeous! It appears you’re doing it right, girl!

  3. For that view, I could withstand anything!! Good luck in your selection process. Any choices I make now are strictly by chance – so I hope you are a bit more confident in yours.

  4. OMG Vicki… this sounds like such fun!


    Can I stay with you the next time I visit Pisgah… instead of a cold tent? Are there whippoorwills?

  5. Cathy looks so happy in the sunshine!

    Oh Vicki. I’m so excited for you. And I WILL come visit you there. Just wait and see.

  6. Ooo ooo oooo–the view. THE VIEW.
    Well, I wouldn’t be getting any shopping done were I distracted by that view.
    Your shopping is a whole lot more intense than mine had been–just a little old kitchen renovation.
    You’ve got a whole kitchen, bathrooms, a west wing…and a retirement life all wrapped up in yours.

  7. Hey, the experts say you need an inspiration piece, so why not drawer pulls! I love the colors of those glass tiles and the paint samples. Thank you for sharing. I am so happy and excited for you. It is amazing how many choices of tile etc are out there and slightly well actually totally overwhelming. I have no doubt it will look fabulous when you are done. That stove you are getting can carry a room on it’s own! And in my opinion, the more windows the better. That view is so peaceful and beautiful. Have fun.

  8. Oh girl. I am so very excited for you. And I’m glad Cathy is there with you because that would be such an overwhelming job. I’d love to be a fly on the wall watching you in the process, though. *sigh* Oh the things I could learn. GORGEOUS stuff you are doing. What an eye you have, lady.

  9. Dang.
    That view.
    The whole site is gorgeous.

  10. Can I come visit you? What a beautiful place!

  11. It’s so beautiful there. What a lovely home you will create.

  12. What a joy! I remember making all those decisions. We spent a small fortune on kitchen appliances and haven’t regretted it for a minute. Give us a hoot over in Brevard if we can be of any assistance.

  13. Nice digs and pull;
    And that’s no bull.

    But, excusez-moi, ahem, cough, cough:
    Where’s the mister’s course for golf?

    I make a mean pie
    Though my kitchen and I

    Are older than dirt;
    But that doesn’t hurt

    For we look hip and nifty
    Though we’re stuck in ’60.

    Alas, must I always play the bore
    And request that you change pour to pore?


  14. Dear Bonnie:

    Point taken, now I pore.
    And you? never a bore!!
    Your little ditties light up this place
    And put a first thing morning
    Smile on my face.

    Wildlife galore roams these mountains
    Bear, wolves sip from flowing fountains
    There’s a Tiger there, too, not far away
    As the crow flies, less than a mile, I’d say.

    It’s his FIRST! the billboards proclaim
    Will we have Woods, despite of the shame??
    Rich cares not for the folderol
    All that matters to him is hitting the ball…

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