Thousands of words for Wordless Wednesday

While cruising South Beach last week, I happened upon this Neapolitan Mastiff service dog and fell instantly in love. He weighed in at- wait for it…173 pounds. And clearly, he practices yoga.And then there is this fellow, Misha’s dilapidated dog of many years. He lives in Russia (the dog does) and here he is celebrating New Year’s Eve. When Abby showed me this picture Misha, Abby and I laughed so hard we were in tears. The dog’s name is…Jim.If you think it’s cold, consider this: It was so cold in the Red Square the day Abby went sight-seeing (12 below and very windy) that all the Russians stayed inside. They had the Kremlin to themselves.On Misha’s grandparents farm near the Black Sea, they grow the family’s food. The kitchen is a separate building, the only one with running water. Outdoor plumbing. That’s grandfather in the background. Abby learned to milk cows and said she would love to spend a year there just farming. That’s my girl!Back in town, she is treated, quite literally, like royalty. This was at the reception Misha’s family had for the returning son and his bride. They were showered with gifts and in one photo she is holding dozens of bouquets of long stem roses. Here she is crowned as Grandfather Frost’s granddaughter. That’s my girl!Later that night, they hiked to high above Misha’s town. The little tree on the left has bits of paper with messages, prayers and good wishes for newly weds. It seems the lights, fogs and clouds conspired to put on a show for them.And that’s the recap on Abby’s Russian adventure. Now they are back, Misha is finishing his business degree and Abby is working for Uncle Sam. She is recruiting, testing and training Hispanics to administer the 2010 census (and staying fluent in Spanish) while she waits to finalize grad school plans.

13 responses to “Thousands of words for Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great photos; I really like that last one (sort of iconic). I think at 12 below and windy I would have stayed home like the rest of the Russians.

    Only you would fall in love with that dog. I wonder how much it costs to feed him per week?

  2. I certainly resonate with your “that’s my girl.” If I am not mistaken, those remarks are said with a mixture of pride, awe, deep love, and a small touch of terror…what’s next.

    I have been there with my girl, too…although, I must admit my girl has never opined that she would like to spend a year on a farm in Russia.

  3. Great photos. I would love to visit that farm. Are those a russian breed of muscovy ducks?

  4. Lovely, just lovely. That’s my girl. I love how you say that.

  5. Okay, I am in love with that dog too.
    Just trying to wrap my head around a dog that weighs 76 pounds more than 97 pound BEAR dog.

    The absolute caninyhumongnicity of it all is mind boggling.

    Your girl is a trooper. Love the pictures!

  6. I am in awe of your daughter; I cannot imagine being as brave as she’s been in her adventures so far in her young life. You did good, Mom!

  7. Wow! Go Abby, go! And Misha too. And hooray for mom for letting them fly.

  8. Misha seems like a good guy and you KNOW how much I like me a good Abby story. I just hope she’s not going to get all staid and boring now that she’s so grown-up. Remember the time she had a fight with you at a restaurant and threw lettuce at your head? Ah, memories.

  9. What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing all the deets! Misha’s dog . . . oh. my.

    I love the Mastiff — Greg wants an English Mastiff. I just can’t wrap my mind around the drool! Sigh.

  10. I came up for air. No, the rumors of my passing are greatly exaggerated.
    Love the dogs and a magical trip for Abby. Mine was home for Christmas, just not long enough. She flew off to Chicago for New Years and then back with her roommate to drive back to MS. Masters Degree in May. PhD at either University of Georgia or University of Nevada Reno. I am voting for Georgia. Believe it or not, her ultimate goal is to join the Geology/Meteorology/Geography department at UNC Ashville!!

    I read a bunch of your previous posts catching up. We have a red shouldered hawk around here who is now routinely landing in my front yard and swooping up to our back door while hunting for supper at our feeders. I don’t mind him getting the blackbirds but wish he would leave the chickadees alone.

  11. I particularly like the first dog! It makes me feel I haven’t any wrinkles after all!

  12. A service mastiff? What can he do? He looks like he needs a seeing eye dog for himself.

    Wonderful pictures of the Russian homeland there. When my son was there, he was invited by his host family to pick strawberries at their garden plot. He declined. No farming blood in him at all.

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