Ya, it’s a YURT

Here’s the finished effort, although I still might add some earthenware beads around the entryway. This was 6 panels, done largely by very small hands. I gave the panels a simple tumble through a short cycle in the washing machine to further tighten up the wool but it was impressive how well the children managed to hand felt these panels without holes or gaps.The cats are in heaven and wondering why there hasn’t been a wool yurt in their lives before this. It stands almost 3 feet tall so it’s plenty roomy for two cats. They like it best with the flap closed, thank you very much.The colored bits and pieces of wool and fleece that the children chose for surface design make this yurt a bit more flashy than most authentic Mongolian yurts, but, you know, those Mongolians could take some design cues if they were so inclined. The yurt has been here for a couple days while I hand stitched the panels together and tomorrow it will go back to the Morean Arts Center and be on display there until further notice. And then, the cats want it back.

9 responses to “Ya, it’s a YURT

  1. Before I started reading, I wondered which cat got dibs on it ! It’s a fine example and I suspect those children will remember that forever!

  2. Way to make world cultures come alive! So, are you making another yurt for the cats?

  3. It’s fantastic!!! Cat Yurt-o-rama!

  4. “Cat yurts”… I’m sure your onto something here!

  5. The idea of bohemian cats living in yurts has made me smile. Loving your work!

  6. So cute!!!!!!

  7. That’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The cat yurt is definitely the future for any self-respecting bohemian cat owner!

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