Wordless Wrensday


Back in Ann Arbor we had many little Carolina Wrens about the yard and I loved their perky demeanor and tidy little stick nests. They were particularly cute hopping upside down the trunk in the white birch right outside my office window. Now I know just one Wren in Ann Arbor but she is pretty perky, too and brings a lot to the birders in our blog neighborhood.cwren

16 responses to “Wordless Wrensday

  1. How much, little lady? Sounds like you are all hired out and over-committed, but will you have extra for sale?

  2. Hey! I saw it first!

    Vicki, this is absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine how much work it took but it’s like magic. Yesterday “I think I’ll make a Carolina Wren” and today the wren is chirping at us – from her nest, no less!

    I worship at your felt shrine, and hope you’re still thinking about an Etsy shop.

  3. Do you just dream these sweet things up, and then make them. Or do you have a girormous pattern book–felt critters in all shapes and sizes?

  4. Vicki, it is absolutely precious!! and I also want to know the answer to KGmom’s question!

  5. Your vision really is amazing.

  6. What an adorable piece of felting….. I always knew you were quite creative and a gifted artist, but now you are outdoing yourself with each piece!!! I would love to see a little bluebird in felting or an eastern towhee. Oh! I have finally heard the owls in our woods. This summer there was a screaming… literally a screaming bird every night and she perched on a branch next to the street light. About 18 – 22 inches tall.. we decided she was a juvenile owl, possibly a great horned as she was the right size. All summer she screamed… perhaps more than one. But now, it has stopped and has been replaced with that wonderful hooting. I expect she will keep the mouse population in the preserve under control.

  7. I’m not sure why I’ve never viewed your blog before now, but I followed a like from Wrens’ (Janes) post on facebook and found this delightful post! As a fellow Michigander I’m so envious that you have Carolinas in your area. (we rarely see them up north) What a delightful creation, I love your little felt wren 🙂

  8. Ah, gorgeous. Do you realize how very talented you are?

  9. Hey! Very lifelike!

    I know I’m male but what exactly is “felting” ? I’ve been afraid to ask, since apparently everyone else seems to know. How do you do whatever it is you are doing?

  10. Amazing! You will fit in well with the other artists in Western North Carolina!

  11. I was here earlier today but was wrendered speechless (ha! I slay me!) by your talent. I still don’t know what to say. Except, WOW.

  12. I love the Carolina Wrens. Perky is right, and sometimes downright fussy! We have a nest in our back yard.

    I’m with FC, I’d love to read a post on how you felt with some pix.

  13. May I be so bold as to point out it has been four, count em, four weeks since you posted here? When are we going to get something new to look at. I mean, because I have this very same little wren on my very own Christmas tree now, I am ready for a new picture! Hello, anybody out there? ;0)

  14. lol. I’ll certainly be moved to post after this combination Bud intervention/family Christmas weekend in Oshkosh…From all reports he’s gotten a bit rambunctious in water aerobics. Ah, me. I miss you mightily…

  15. Hea Vicki, big NOMO article on the front page of Ann Arbor.com’s Spotlight entertainment section today. Saw your son’s name mentioned there. The article was a profile of where the band is at right now, physically as far as the band members, as well as with their music.

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