November begins: cleaning up my act (again)


…and, despite a huge crisis of confidence, turned it all in. Just as I was packing my boxes I got an email from my friend in Minnesota who is going to Camp PluckyFluff next weekend to do some extreme fiber spinning. By then I was so over the top that we got to laughing hard about Camp FucknFelt here at my house and agreed that this time next year we could be running the BCMA camp from a base in Asheville. I dropped off my work at the gallery and we got it all barcoded and they seemed very pleased with it and asked me to help them with the holiday windows.


And then I fed the hawk. She (Shadow) took her sweet ass time because it was mouse day and she really savours those long stringy innards. She’s a big bird and so, although I start out with her on the glove at a good social distance for the two of us, by the end of mouse day my arm has dropped and we’re practically beak to nose as she dines in leisurely fashion. If she shakes her head to clear her beak I’m in precisely the right spot to get it on my glasses. And then she gives me that sidelong look as though to say, “You have mess on your face.”


Then I cleaned the house. Yes, I did. And yesterday morning, bright and early, I headed down to the EarthBox Research Center and bought the seedlings for my winter garden and some new covers and fertilizer and came home and got those planted up. Blake Whisenant, EarthBox inventor, was still there, still planting and we said hello and laughed about surviving another summer. This is really perverse; where I come from everyone comes outdoors on April 1st and smiles about surviving another winter. Then I stopped at the bead store briefly. Soon we had hundreds of little goblins and witches on the doorstep for trick or treat. Halloween is huge in St. Petersburg, especially here in the Old Northeast, where streets get closed off and the houses decorated beyond your wildest imagination. They are themed (Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz and this year an incredible Thriller display that included Jackson rising from the dead in a graveyard and  a huge video screen playing the original Michael Jackson music video. News crews come out from all over, there are contests and children are brought in by the busloads from other parts of town to enjoy the sights and sounds. After bedtime, the adults take over with rolling golf cart bars, giant porch parties and a live music stage. It’s basically the scariest, spookiest and biggest block party ever. After we handed out candy we walked around with the neighbors for about an hour and then I was done. Have I mentioned that it seems to be hot down here? We hit 91 Friday and yesterday evening was still extremely muggy and hot.

FOB_OldNE25(Burial versus cremation? )

These are both news photos. The streets were so crowded and wild that I didn’t carry my camera. Rich estimates that t one point there were a couple thousand people out in our three block area.

FOB_OldNE09(This looked REALLY scary at night. Just saying.)

Hot or not, nevertheless. It is November 1st and I’m planning to use my extra hour to bake down some of these Halloween pumpkin and squash for soup, freezing and later use. I’ve had two delicious soups from squash recently and that’s saying a lot for someone who grew up hating squash. It’s definitely one of those veggies that’s good for the times; you can get a lot of bang for the buck. Recipes tomorrow. (You think I’m kidding, right? I’m not. I’ve decided to rejoin the neighborhood in my usual starts and fits manner and make-another-attempt to get up at least a few posts a week.)

9 responses to “November begins: cleaning up my act (again)

  1. Good post!! I love seeing all the pots together and I know they will sell like hotcakes!

    I love that you are feeding the hawk! He’s beautiful.

    We went to a Halloween party last night, and our photos are on my blog. I thought mr. kenju looked very good as Joe College…..LOL

  2. Way too hot for October, but today is cool! Yes!

    Your stuff looks super, it will sell out in no time.
    Mouse guts … eeeuuuuu.

  3. Squash soup, mouse guts, goblins and witches, arts and crafts, and hawks. I could have done a whole month’s worth of posts with this material. You put it all in one delicious feast of words and pics. Grand!

  4. Those decorations are something! I like certain squashes, like zucchini, but I can’t imagine a squash soup. It must be the spices, yes?

  5. I love–make that LOVE–the felted pots. So lovely.

    Eye to eye with a feeding hawk–now that’s brave.

  6. And I thought they decorated a lot around here, scheeze, nothing compared to St. Pete. That last photo does look scary and glad I am not seeing it in person. I scare easily.

    Your fabulous felt frocks and rocks and pots are well….fabulous. At our art gallery a woman makes felted hats that are so cute. She charges over a hundred dollars for each one which I am sure are worth it. So glad to see felted items “out there”.

  7. Very spooky! And WOW 91 degrees in November!?

  8. Why would you clean up your act, when we like you and your stuff in their current state? Not broke, don’t fix it – and remember, no matter how often you clean anything, it gets dirty again. Just sayin’.

    Seriously cool felt. Looks like stone and it’s beyond my comprehension how you do that. Am I remembering correctly that you taught yourself how to do this?

  9. Halloween in St Petersburg looks like crazy fun. Josh and I were all “Bah” and closed the house up dark so we could go out to dinner. We didn’t even get toilet-papered. Kids today–they’re so lazy.

    The felted stuff is beautiful and I just know you will make scads of money and spend it on a plane ticket to Silver Spring MD. Right? Right.

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