At the Eleventh Hour…

Haven’t seen much of you lately. At 230 this afternoon, the art that is lost in this mess moves to the Florida Craftsman Gallery and I’ll head down to feed the hawks and owls. And then, I hope to begin the road back to the real (clean and tidy) world. Somewhere in there are some pumpkins to be carved or baked or both.feltmess1(“Retire! Get a hobby!” he said. Here’s Rich, happily reading the morning paper with his cup of coffee. )

feltmess(McCloud is the guardian of felted Christmas ornaments. At night, they turn into wild birds that need to be subdued…)

See you soon!


11 responses to “At the Eleventh Hour…

  1. I thought I was the only one who was a messy crafter. Thank you for showing me I am not alone.

  2. I believe ALL crafters are messy! You seem incrediably productive to me. Nice to know that McCloud is keeping all the wild felt bird critters in line at night. Imagine what would happen if he weren’t on the job!

  3. Hey, I thought it was clutttered the day I stopped by. At least there’s a purpose in the clutter, and you’ll soon have it back in order, all ready to start another project!

  4. As Beverly said, there is purpose in the clutter and it will be gone soon, right? I sure would love to see some of the art close up!

    Thanks so much for the ecards. I loved the one with the talking cat. I sent you a reply on that site, but I’m not sure you got it because my computer crashed just after I hit send. That was truly the best card I’ve ever gotten!!

  5. Lordy,
    You would feel right at home at our house.
    McCloud looks like a cartoon cat I’ve seen somewhere.

  6. McCloud looks like he is doing as well on his diet as I am on mine!!!!

  7. I think you meant to say McCloud “will be” the guardian. Right now he doesn’t looking like a watch cat at all.

  8. Hey, your place looks like our place. Our living room and dining room have become the repository for displaced kitchen items and painting gear.
    Oh chaos. I do not love thee.
    McCloud looks like my kind of cat–stretched out and surreptiously in charge.

  9. Oh, my word. I would not have know it was the same place if McCloud hadn’t been in the picture! I know that is driving you mad. Hope by the time you get this everything has been delivered and you can see your furniture again. I also hope you took some time for a celebratory happy dance and perhaps a good dinner and bottle of wine after cutting off mouse heads for the birds. Let me know when I can go into the gallery, make refined and cultured comments about your creativity and buy something to let them know what a wonderful addition you are to their gallery!

  10. Your post is wonderful. I needed a good laugh and you have a great wit- thanks. love it. As for mess…I see nothing out of place. This is the picture of creativity to me….. but this is also how I live in the run up to selling so it would seem normal to me. I love your bowls and what look like a naked? Rich. Alls well in the world.

  11. This does not compute! A “mell of a hess,” as my late father would have said. He also said, regarding the lovely cotton, wool, and silk fabrics that my mother procured for my wardrobe, which she also designed, “As long as it’s not felt!”


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