Will it Felt?

Around here I play a variation of the David Letterman game,’Will It Float?’ It’s called,”Will It Felt?” Take this piece for example, which didn’t photograph for beans. But as a diversion from producing felted fruit and angels at a high rate of speed for upcoming holiday shows, I’ve been working on this ‘Sedona’ piece that is large and hopefully, good and frame-able. It has a staggering amount of effort into it, not to mention a lot of mulling it over time. There’s an underlying wool pre-felt in shades of golds and browns. There is a massive run of raw silk hand-dyed in reds, oranges and yellows. There are hand-dyed silk cocoon hankies accented with purples, blues and oranges. And there is wool from some hapless Corriedale that’s been dyed in blue/gray tones and some of same dyed orange. After all that there are hours of layout, rearranging, moving, tweaking, poking, pulling. Finally, we come to the question: Will It Felt? Not everything does and a lot of what does, doesn’t do it the way you think it might. I’m afraid to start; once you add soap and water that could be the kiss of death. It’s one thing to trash a bowl with several hours work and 8.00 worth of materials; it’s another to wad up something like this and throw it in the trash. Or give it to the cat for a cat blanket. McCloud has been eye-balling it constantly because it’s on his glass top coffee table. I believe he thinks I’m doing this all for him. At night, I put crinkly plastic and tin foil strips around it to keep him off but it’s only  matter of time…Anyway, this is taking my mind off not winning the Wolf/SubZero 50,000 kitchen sweepstakes. Sort of. But then I think: “If only I had that 10 ft run of Cambria stone countertop with the giant farmstyle Kohler sink at the end, this thing would be a lot easier to tackle.”

Anyway, I’m busy and I still have to run over and feed the birds and then the neighborhood annual Halloween porch party is tonight. I’m wearing a tiara, long gown and a giant satin sash that reads, “Miss Understood.” I think I’ll carry a bouquet of coontie fronds with Mexican sunflowers. Have a great weekend!sedona1

(This didn’t photograph well. That patch up in the upper right doesn’t really look like bovine intestines.)

7 responses to “Will it Felt?

  1. Miss Understood. I love it. Be sure to get a photo of the queen in her tiara and gown. Have fun.

    Has cool air moved in yet? It’s cold here in Virginia (cold to me, that is) with a high of around 44 today. I’m glad I went to New York last weekend. I probably would have been driving home through snow if I had waited to go this week.

  2. Snow, bah! It’s still hanging right around 90 here. Ridiculous.

  3. OOOH…..you just gave me a great idea for a halloween party!

    LOVE the Sedona piece – it’s really beautiful!

    The computer I’m using right now will not let me play in our game, so I’ll see you when I get mine back.

  4. Now, now, the weather can never be ridiculous.
    Unfortunate perhaps, but not ridiculous.


    Messy up here, should be coming at ya’!

    Have fun at the pahhtaay!
    Coontie … snicker.

  5. Hope the party was a very good time. I love the piece. My kind of colorful. 🙂

  6. That felt pattern would look good on top of my pool table. And it needs a new coat of felt too.

    A halloween porch party sounds like fun. I am taking a break from doing my own halloween decoations. No felt. Lots of black satin though.

  7. Ah, the verdant coontie, carried by Our Lady of the Felt!

    We will be attending Wesley’s confirmation paper-reading (Lutheranism in the Life and Music of J. S. Bach) followed by a high feast celebration, er, potluck. Meg’s wedding is next weekend in Glacier. Then, the Reformation festivities will begin in earnest.

    Be sure to poke and pull many beautiful shades of GREEN into Dave’s pool table creation!


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