Humbly pleased with my efforts

When my father was still alive he would call on Sundays and every conversation opened like this: “Hey there, it’s your dad! How are you?”  And I would say, “Hi, Dad. I’m fine, just always busy with the kids and a full work schedule.” And he would say, with total sincerity, “Well, aren’t you lucky?” He was so right.

I’m still busy, with a crazy deadline of Oct. 1 for all things Christmas and holiday. At this point I do relatively little besides lay out felt at night, wet felt in the morning, go feed the hawk in the pouring rain (and she took her time, thank you very much, pulling out the mouse guts as sheets of rain left me looking like Girls Gone Wild in wet t-shirts, age 58. Not pretty.) and go back to laying out felt at night. I’m sorry. For the time being, I’m the blog neighborhood deadhead. And I really miss you all. But hey! The work of Christmas is over by Halloween.  I’ll be around. I hope you are all well and happy.

I finished this piece yesterday- it’s been a challenge to do large vessels because I don’t use any artificial stiffeners and they start to collapse under their own weight while wet. This one is 14 inches in diameter, pure merino wool and bombyx (mulberry) silk and I like the sparkle. I was inspired by some of the Hubble photographs, even though I know those are photoshopped on the color end. This one is not and it definitely reminds me of the night sky up at Lost Loon Lodge. It’s called Northern Lights and is going into the Florida Craftsman Gallery the beginning of October.

Take care, be well.northernlightsbowl2northern lights bowl

13 responses to “Humbly pleased with my efforts

  1. It’s beautiful, Vicki! You are quite the artist. I have absolutely no desire to felt but I enjoy admiring your efforts.

    Wait. October 1? I thought it was October 31? If it’s really October 1 you better step away from the computer RIGHT NOW.

    I love what your dad said. You know, I need to be reminded about that from time to time.

  2. Vicki–It is gorgeous. I love it.
    We miss you too, but will be patient until your work work work is done.

  3. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Vicki, and aptly named. I thought of lightening when I saw it. I miss your web presence, but I can be patient if I know you’re coming back.

  4. Your artistry and sense of color are amazing. I don’t have the space for felting here in our trailer, but your work makes me wish I did. I will just continue to enjoy the idea of felting vicariously through you in the meantime.

  5. Stunning. Can’t wait to see it all lit up in the gallery!

  6. Hey that is neat.

  7. What a gorgeous piece!!! Northern Lights is a perfect name.

  8. Vicki's sister Betsy

    This piece made me homesick for the U.P. and the simple but astonishing beauty there. It’s beautiful, Vicki; what a wonderful talent you have.


  9. That’s very beautiful, vicki.

    My father used to call me on Sunday mornings too. It was like cosmic loving clockwork. I still wish I could pick up the phone and hear that voice.

  10. Stunning! Whoever gets that one will be very very lucky!

  11. That bowl does look like a gorgeous night sky! Your talent is incredible. I may have to check out the details of your show and head down there…I m currently lying on my chaise lounge in our office basement with an aching left foot which I twisted this evening. I feel sorry for myself. It really aches.

  12. Gorgeous, yes… would really look good on the walnut benches in the new sunroom….hmm.

  13. Wow, I’ll bet those could be made into cool Halloween decorations. Maybe just a witchy decal and some dry ice.

    Yeah, those lousy Spartans made it two in a row. I could see it coming, but it doesn’t make it any better. Will have to go to work this morning and face my MSU-boosting supervisor. We gave him a real hard time after MSU lost to the CMU Chippewas earlier this year. Like they say, paybacks . . .

    You’ll have to check out the blog I was writing when I got your comment last night. It’s about my correspondence with a Spartan alum.

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