perfect day


I think I’m about to hit the sack here, before 8pm. That’s kind of embarrassing but it’s been a fiendish week, work wise. I’m trying to remember how I used to run a fulltime private practice, raise two children, take care of a home, half acre yard and garden, see friends, go out to Wit’s End and mind the cottage duties there. This week I began teaching regular classes at Morian Art Center, taught a workshop yesterday, tended the owls, hawks, vultures and eagle, exercised and went to yoga, spent some time with friends and daughter, felted pumpkins and penquins, began design on a major piece. (The art gallery wants one focal item that no one can necessarily afford but catches attention and I’ve been wanting to work on a door size panel in any case.) The house went to hell in a handbasket- that goes for pretty much everything in the yard as well.

Nevertheless, Rich and I had set aside today for each other and a Sunday drive around. He was on the road for business this week too so we were just passing in the night more than usual. (We do this literally, as we take turns using the bathroom at 3 am. We mutter, “uum uv oo ni” at each other and that’s bout it.) So before we turn into one of those couples who have nothing to say to each other, we took off early, had a beautiful day and talked a lot. We drove north to Crystal River and then over to Rainbow Springs, where we went swimming and hiked around.RBS-RainbowRiverOverlook-ElissaMotter

Then we drove over to just north of Ocala to Rosas Farm to see what was new; they opened up especially for us around 430. We found a couple of delectable cheeses plus some enormous wild caught whole shrimp- they’re about 6 inches long and fat with googly eyes still on. On the way home we stopped at the Blue Samurai in Tampa and had sushi and sake. Then we drove home, got out of the car, gathered our belongings, stood up and there was this sky. The one at the top of the post. And now I’m going to bed before I wake up from such a dreamy day. Good night.

9 responses to “perfect day

  1. We do have beautiful skies, don’t we.

  2. Very cool date stamp at top of top photo too!

  3. Fabulous scenery, Vicki! You’re so busy, no wonder you don’t have time to play Lexulous. Or is it that I’m such a non-challenge for you?

  4. Sushi and sake? My favorites! It sounds like a lovely day, Vicki. And I applaud the notion of putting everything else aside so that you and Rich could have a date. What a great sunset photo!

    All right, you had your fun. Get back to your felting.

  5. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day. What a fabulous shot of the evening sky. Sometimes we become too preoccupied to look up; look at what we’d miss.

  6. Sounds like a delicious day.

    Don’t wear yourself out! You are supposed to be enjoying yourself. Remember?

  7. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have that much energy. I think I must need medication, even reading about what you accomplish in a day wears me out! Your skies are magnificent. Glad you are too.

  8. So, glad you all had a great day and got to go swimming. We are waterlogged up here. No motorcycling riding for us, rain, rain, rain. How did the pumpkin class go?

  9. Never mind all that – felted penguins?!

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