What Not To Say

Abby thinks I’m a candidate for the “What Not to Wear” show. She says I hide a perfectly nice 58 year old body and don’t need to be dressing in baggy pants or LPZoo Docent shirts. (Yes, LPZ, I had to pay for them, I own them and I wear them with pride.) Anyway, I think she says that tongue-in-cheek and she still has one of those bare-able midriffs. This is just a quick note to say that I thought censorship was passe. I guess not. I guess you aren’t supposed to admonish children to listen to their teachers and get a good education, even if you are the President and you’re not supposed to put a note protesting the end of the docent program on the Lincoln Park Zoo fan page- even if you are one of their biggest fans.

The docent post below received over 490 hits in one day on a holiday weekend. New record around here, that’s for sure. The only post that ever came close was the one about the Moh’s surgery with photos (I have an update photo for you tomorrow!). I’m sure a fair amount of that traffic came by way of the LPZ fan page. But I had a hunch, all weekend, that once the page administrator came back from the long weekend, that post would be toast. Sure enough, this morning it’s been wiped off the page. I guess when you’re a ‘fan’ of something, whether it’s the zoo or a political party, it means lock, stock and barrel. Not critiquing allowed. That’s a shame, isn’t it?

BTW, here’s the link to the fan page. I’m a fan. As zoos go, it’s really a magnificent zoo. You might want to be a fan, too, and tell them how much you like DOCENTS.IMG_1487

10 responses to “What Not To Say

  1. That is indeed a shame. Your letter was needed to be read by everyone.

  2. LOL about the What Not To Wear… Nyssa actually hinted that she wouldn’t mind if I nominated her… but that was six months ago and you know how fast ideas change in the starter people.

    The project here is almost finished… at least it was… now, not so much. Still have a slight little roof leak and no matter what the landscaper and contractor said… we really DO have to have a french drain in that rose garden plot. And along with the little picky things that need to be done, the sod isn’t down. We had hopes but they put it off until.. well, today… but then this nasty little low pressure set up shop and it has rained for two days… we need to build a boat.

  3. I think you look lovely in your baggy pants and docent shirts. And I look lovely too, don’t I? In Josh’s t-shirts and my yoga pants?

  4. Censorship is alive and well. The battle never ends.

    It was a great letter.

  5. Pooh on the zoo!
    I so want to be on What Not To Wear. I have dropped hints to all my friends and coworker, but they just laugh at me. Do you think I can nominate myself? Stacy and Clinton, please, please come for me!

  6. I would love to get nominated for that since it involves lots of free clothes. But I could never wear the shoes that they would want me too. How sad that your beautiful words were wiped off the page. You must have been rocking the boat!!

  7. What did you think of their response on FB?

  8. I’m fashion-challenged, but I’m cool with it.

    I know I should know what a docent is, but just to be sure I typed “docent” in Yahoo search. The fifth hit on the page was for the “Columbus Zoo Docent Association.” I don’t know. Not much good comes out of Columbus for my money.

  9. Vicki's sister Betsy

    Bravo on your letter re the Disneyfying of the Docents. That is a shame, and my very high opinion of the Lincoln Park Zoo is certainly less so now.

    “What Not to Wear”??!? Hey, for years I bought clothes that looked like yours, hoping to achieve that effortless, graceful look of natural fabrics on the slim and bulgeless. Alas, for my thighs “like young sequoias” and Yooper lack of access to quality clothes. I have now succombed to the “lady engineering professor” look of plain slacks, plain top, plain blazer, and comfy shoes. I’m surprised somebody doesn’t turn ~me~ in to Stacy and Clinton (except everyone I know is an engineer and looks even dorkier!). Don’t change a thing.

  10. Oh, so that’s what happened! Your letter partially shows up at the lpz facebook page when you do a google search on lincoln park zoo docents.

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